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Friday, 16 May 2014

Why some nutter's are my kind of people, from a fellow nutter !

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not talking about nutters who roam the streets with an axe looking to kill people, or perverts or vicious misfits that harm women and kids. I am not talking about terrorists and religious headbangers, that can condone atrocities and murder, in the name of religion. I am talking about people that refuse to be brainwashed, by what they read in the paper or see on the TV. I am talking about people that say hey, that doesn't seem right to me Doc. Still with me ? good.

I have said in the past, my experience of medical professionals, and that of my family, has been 99% positive. But when it comes to a healthy diet, especially for diabetics, the experience has been lamentable. I have forgotten more about the correct diet for a diabetic, than most healthcare professionals will ever know. OK, I can hear the roars of ‘who does this bloke think he is’ coming in. Am I asking you to trust me ? no way. Who or what should you TRUST !

If you are a typical type two diabetic, you are probably carrying some excess blubber. So, you're weighing scales will tell you if you are going in the right direction. Your blood glucose meter will certainly tell you if progress is being made. Your tape measure and review blood tests, will confirm you are on the way to reversing your type two diabetes, you don’t need to trust an old nutter like me. How cool is that !


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