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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

This came in via email yesterday any help to you ?


I hope all is well with you. Healthline just published an overview of a ConsumerReports’ evaluation of treatments and medications for Type II Diabetes. This is highly valuable information as it provides diabetes patients with an understanding of which medication is right for them.

You can see the overview of the report here:

Our users have found our guide very useful, and I thought it would be a great resource for your page:

I would really appreciate if you could review our request and consider adding this very useful information to your site.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best, Maggie Danhakl • Assistant Marketing Manager

Six classes of oral medicines (and 12 individual drugs) are now available to help the 25.8 million people in the U.S. with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar when diet and lifestyle changes are not enough. Our evaluation of these medicines found the following:
  • Newer drugs are no better. Two drugs from a class called the sulfonylureas and a drug named metformin have been around for more than a decade and work just as well as newer medicines. Indeed, several of the newer drugs, such as Januvia and Onglyza, are less effective than the older medications.
  • Newer drugs are no safer. All diabetes pills have the potential to cause adverse effects, both minor and serious. The drugs' safety and side effect "profiles" may be the most important factor in your choice.
  • The newer drugs are more expensive. The newer diabetes medicines cost many times more than the older drugs.
  • Taking more than one diabetes drug is often necessary. Many people with diabetes do not get enough blood sugar control from one medicine. Two or more may be necessary. However, taking more than one diabetes drug raises the risk of adverse effects and increases costs.
Taking effectiveness, safety, adverse effects, dosing, and cost into consideration, we have chosen the following as Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs if your doctor and you have decided that you need medicine to control your diabetes:
  • Metformin and Metformin Sustained-Release - alone or with glipizide or glimepiride
  • Glipizide and Glipizide Sustained-Release - alone or with metformin
  • Glimepiride - alone or with metformin
These medicines are available as low-cost generics, costing from $4 to $35 a month. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, we recommend that you try metformin first unless it's inappropriate for your health status.
If metformin fails to bring your blood sugar into normal range, we recommend you add glipizide or glimepiride.

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