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Sunday, 25 May 2014

What a Busy Day Some People have !

Sunday is known for being a day for rest and relaxation ….for some.
My day started well, I was treated to a lovely cup of tea in bed. However, after that it sort of went wrong.

Whilst I cooked breakfast Eddie sat reading his Scott and Amundsen book.
While I washed up Eddie sat reading the on-line news stories.

While I was dusting Eddie sat listening to The Monaco Grand Prix on Radio Five Live ….we don’t have SKY.

My next job was ironing …guess what Eddie was doing? Yes he was sitting down doing some blogging.

Late afternoon I went out to top up the wine rack. We had plenty of Eddie's favourite Rioja and Jim Beams ...but alas the white wine, my favourite, was pretty scarce.

Whilst I was preparing and cooking dinner Eddie was very busy sitting down watching highlights of the Grand Prix on the BBC……but he already knew the result ….guess it’s a man's thing !

Movement was spotted twice - he had to go to the loo.

What a busy day - don’t know how he finds the time to fit anything in LOL

Now tomorrow things are going to be different, Eddie will be reading his Shackleton Book, then out for the day fishing, I will get on with the housework and cooking his dinner !

Don’t you just love him ? Well I do.

All the best Jan

Post edit. Boys in a relationship with a woman, start as you mean to go on ! At the first sign of mutiny, clamp down hard. Women are never happier when they know their place. The man that told me that is on his own, best I get off my butt tomorrow and make some effort methinks. Eddie


Anonymous said...

lol brilliant :)


Lori Miller said...

Eddie's day sounds a little like mine, except that there's still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done around this house.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee great stuff :)

Anonymous said...

You two are great, makes for a fun read.

Almond said...

I lost it at the peter griffin picture. An absolutely busy day, for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Kick butt Jan. Eddie don't be such a lazy git!

Lowcarb team member said...

" Eddie don't be such a lazy git!"

Moi, get a grip anon.

A woman's duty is to look after her man, otherwise she has failed.

OK, I am getting me coat !

Jan is the boss, if over step the mark, do I know it or what !!!