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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Yippee Sid Bonkers is back in great form at the flog !

Say what you like about old Sid (and I often do) I have missed him ! But today he has returned in his inimitable style, raving at all round good guy Mo a mod. Bonkers the worlds greatest authority on portion control (starvation diets) and on enough meds to croak a hippo, he never fails to have me laughing like a drain. Don't ever go Sid, the flog needs you, if only to highlight the lunacy that your ilk believe is good diabetes control and sound dietary information for diabetics. BTW Sid I have a pallet of cornflakes going on the cheap, email a forwarding address mate, you're priceless. Eddie

From the Bonkers one.

"Ive never read so much rubbish in all my life.

Type 1's have a deficiency or a total lack of insulin nothing to do with an intolerance to carbs, there is a huge difference. 

Type 2's generally have insulin resistance or an overworked pancreas not an intolerance to carbs, a huge difference. Lose the insulin resistance and most Type 2's are capable of happily eating carbs as most do.

I thought that to insinuate that carbs were poison, like saying that diabetics have an intolerance to them, was against forum rules and yet here we have a forum moderator agreeing that diabetics have an intolerance to carbs, it complete and utter rubbish.

However eating a very low carb diet does and will make one more sensitive to carbs, which is why I was careful to only low carb at 60g a day until I had lost sufficient weight to significantly reduce my insulin resistance so I am now able to eat most carbs in reasonable portions without them having any adverse effects on my bg levels.

Low carbing is NOT the only way despite what many people here seem to say."

Link to the forum of fun here.

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