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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Political extremism is always bad news !

According to the BBC tonight, “One of the parties expected to do well, France's National Front, said it was leading in exit polls - but accused the French government of vote-rigging”
Leader Marine Le Pen said after seeing exit polls: "Clearly we are in the lead"
Let’s hope they do not win. History has taught us, when things get tough, the majority point the finger at the minority. This situation led to world war two. Over 50 million dead. Over six million innocent Jews murdered. Extreme right or extreme left has always failed. Straight thinking people believe in live and let live, regardless of colour, race or religion. Straight thinking people always win. History also proves this.

Never ever forget. Jewish children in a concentration camp. Almost all murdered probably, we will never know. Arguably the greatest crime the human race has ever committed.



Almond said...

Poverty, lack of adequate access to education, food, shelter, water and basic medicare care will motivate people to seek out a leader who capitalizes on aggression. History is cyclical. I wish that such horror will never happen again, but recent news paints a different picture.

Lowcarb team member said...


Will we never learn ?

My time is almost run, but I fear for the young people.