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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

American Diabetes Association in massive turnaround re. Lowcarb !

The ADA have pushed a diet for years very similar to our NHS and DUK. High carb low fat. This has lead to a situation bordering on genocide. Over the top ? Well what word would you use to describe millions of people having their lives cut short, blinded, and maimed ? Just check out the NHS published data, the stats get worse every year. But is there some light at the end of a very dark tunnel ?

So what's the best diet for people with diabetes? There is no one diet, whether it's a Mediterranean, low-carb or low-fat diet, that is consistently better at helping people manage diabetes, says Stephanie Dunbar, director of nutrition and medical affairs for the ADA She is one of the authors of a new review of the research on diabetes diets published in February's Diabetes Care.

 People need to do what works for them. There are people who do well on a lower-fat diet and others who do well on a lower-carb diet." One thing that helps in keeping blood sugar under control is losing weight, even as little as 5% to 10% of body weight, Dunbar says.

Well, reading the article linked below was looking good until I saw this statement.

People with diabetes need to be counselled by a capable registered dietitian who can tailor their meal plan to their taste, says Ann Albright, director of the diabetes division for the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

No one with any common sense could disagree with that article, could they?

Well, it depends on your point of view I suppose. If you are the sort of person that feels Lions make good house pets, or a Kalashnikov assault rifle is a suitable present for a ten year old, maybe it makes sense. If you accepted and believed the advice from Hope Warshaw et al and based your diet on carbs, such as boxes of chocolates, chocolate digestives and toast, as so many lowcarb anti’s do, getting the picture ? If you were addicted to med’s and carbs, wouldn’t it be great to be backed by a registered dietition who “tailor their meal plan to their taste, says Ann Albright”. It’s a win-win situation, the dietition has kept to the rule book and diet of death, and the diabetic can “fill her face with carbs, an supplement her winter fuel bill by burning Bernstein’s books”*

Dietitions should be tailoring a diabetics diet for a long and healthy life, to minimize complications, and minimize (at times highly dangerous) drugs. Not acting as shills for junk food companies and big pharma.
Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes, it’s a mad house, and I fit right in.


* Quotes by fired diabetes forum mod, forum signature “a balanced diet is a cake in each hand” and she meant it.


Anonymous said...

"CAPABLE registered dietitian"

That narrows the field down then!


Anonymous said...

From Carbo's blog.

"Now if JM had consulted Ally, she would have told him to cut the crap/junk food."

JM would have rather met a capable Dietitian, don't think Ally meets that criteria.

Lowcarb team member said...

Here's a request from Fergus some time ago. Still relevant today

"Here's a challenge for you, Ally. Show us a standard piece of written dietary advice NHS which explains the advantages of carbohydrate restriction. It could explain how starches are nutritionally poor yet induce great rises in blood sugar levels. It might describe how proteins are capable of fuelling gluconeogenesis, so that blood sugar levels can remain stable throughout the day. It might even talk about how fats have been maligned and how serum insulin levels are much more significant in effecting HDL, LDL and triglycerides in the bloodstream."

Of course, like many, many other requests for helpful dietary advice, no reply!


Lowcarb team member said...


It was ever thus, LOL


Anonymous said...

Ido think Ally should meet Jimmy, the Low Carb Cruise would be a good venue, think about it Ally gets to meet some of the Doctors she frequently refered to as quacks.

Oh Joy! bring it on.


Anonymous said...

"Carbs are GOOD in moderation, ie 45-60 grams per day."

From an RD in the comments.

Anonymous said...

What do they call people that kill for money. Mercenaries assassins. High carbohydrate diets for diabetics is so wrong.

Anonymous said...

The ADA may have given the green light to Lowcarb but have the dieticians, it would seem not going by this comment.

"The reason it is recommended to get carbs at each meal is because you still need carbohydrates. your brain and central nervous system ONLY use carbs for fuel and if you dont eat them you break down fats/lean proteim to make them, this may increase ketones in your blood and that may be toxic (ketoacidosis). Carbs are GOOD in moderation, ie 45-60 grams per day. The key is also to exercise and use sugar as energy. As an RD I will say it is NOT recommended to do a low carb diet simply because you are diabetic, it is a carb "controlled" diet."

Anonymous said...

Dietitions main qualification a pulse. Functioning brain optional.

Anonymous said...

Whats this fixation with lowcarb and ketoacidosis, how many type twos that go into ketosis end up in hospital with DKA?

Your brain only uses carbs for fuel!, this dietitian should read up on gluconeogenesis.


Lowcarb team member said...

Why were Dietitians invented?
So Economists would look good by comparison.

Ok I'll get my coat.