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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kelloggs take on Carbohydrates.

While watching TV last night, I saw an advert, clearly aimed at getting mums to buy another high carb/starch/sugar, tooth rotting, obesity inducing, junk food product, from Kellogg’s. Some sort of cereal based bar, for the kids lunch boxes. I wondered what Kellogg’s view was of carbohydrates. Obviously, I expected an outfit, that would not last an hour, if they removed carbs and starch from their foods to be pro carb, but even an old starch basher like me, was left agog at what I found.

"Nutrition experts agree that a carbohydrate-rich diet will help keep you going for longer between meals and help you fight fatigue throughout the day. How? Because carbohydrate foods contain fibre, they make you feel fuller and less prone to hunger pangs during the day.

Your body can’t store or produce its own carbohydrate in any great quantity, however, so it’s essential you eat carbohydrate every day as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Because of the publicity surrounding low carbohydrate diets in recent years, something of a misconception has arisen that carbohydrates are fattening. In actual fact, they contain just less than half the calories of fat and more often than not, it’s the fatty spreads and rich sauces people have with their bread, potatoes, rice or pasta that loads them up with calories.

What’s more, current scientific evidence shows that people who eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet that’s rich in fruit and vegetables are less likely to be overweight or obese."

This is what is known as in the UK as total BOLLOCKS !


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Anonymous said...

Keep on hitting the nail on the head. We are winning the war against junk.