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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Practice run by private firm to deregister 166 elderly patients less than six months after taking them on !

But the move has caused concern among GPs. Dr Paul Roblin, chair of Buckinghamshire, Berks and Oxon LMCs, said vulnerable patients had been ‘treated badly' and that he was in discussions to start a new care home LES to ensure quality of care was not compromised.

Dr Roblin said: ‘The Practice took on patients originally outside its practice area because the care could be funded by pilot funding. Now it has implied all the patients it took on only six months ago need to be re-registered with local practices, having six months ago canvassed to register those very patients.

‘We believe it has behaved badly in messing around this group of vulnerable patients. We want practices who are going to take back these patients to receive additional funding for them because otherwise they won't receive appropriate care.'

The shape of things to come ? Goodbye NHS.

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