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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tesco Exploitation “Every little bit helps”

Tesco the Vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity of the UKs supermarket world, has sunk to a new low in their exploitation of young people. It appears you can get a permanent job with them and you will be remunerated by the squid by way of receiving your job seekers allowance paid by the government i.e. the tax payer, i.e. you and me. What a scheme, if only I had thought of it. Just imagine your own gardener, chauffeur or butler all for giving the exploited person their own job seekers allowance back. Let’s take it a stage further. Come and work for me for 40 hours a week and I will only charge you a hundred quid.

How many people realise the likes of Tesco, pay minimal wages and set hours per week worked, that allows the poorly paid to claim tax credits, this means we pay the wages through taxes to keep Tesco in profit. Clearly Tesco and the other squids are not in the charity business and exist to make profit. Where does a fair and honest profit become exploitation ? Let’s look at it another way, the poorly paid pay income tax and many stay poverty stricken. But if you can work the system, and register your business in Jersey in your wife’s name, and live in Monaco, you can trouser over a billion pounds at the expense of the poor. For this stunt you get a knighthood, just ask Philip Green.

And we think the world of diabetes is crazy.



Lowcarb team member said...

From the Guardian:

"Behind the scenes, DWP officials have been desperately attempting to shore up support for the scheme which David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne have personally championed."

After Iraq I voted Lib Dem in the general election. Never again


Anonymous said...

'Tesco the Vampire squid'

I feel sure other supermarkets and chains may also be using this'con'. Shame on them. I feel so sorry for the young who are finding it so hard to find work.


Anonymous said...

I really do not like the new google blog "prove you're not a robot" system.

It certainly doesn't make it easy for you to place your comment.

Please bring back the old one.

How does anyone else feel??

Anonymous said...

"I really do not like the new google blog "prove you're not a robot" system."

I agree some of the words are impossible to decipher, this appears to be the same on other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Tesco's and others who are exploiting the young. It's tough enough for them as it is at present, they do not need to be conned like this.

Why can't the government make more apprenticeships available. I am sure both the young and employers would feel this more beneficial.