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Friday, 23 May 2014

United States of Jesus


Larcana said...

You're only saying what a lot of us Americans also, feel. Sadly, we have been hijacked and even with free thinkers coming out more and more, we still feel stifled and keep silent because of the fear these zealots can bring about with their own brand of hate and tribalism.
Thanks for the great blog!

tess said...

OFF TOPIC ... but i just introduced myself to Franziska, who sends her greetings! :-D nice lady!

Galina L. said...

Yes, it is the most annoying thing in the US - too many people have irrational believes, and such mind disturbances are getting really popular also in my native country. It feels like a massive braindamage in the population.

Anonymous said...

Funny man. Thanks for the laugh.