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Friday, 22 May 2015

DCUK Kman on the last lap, it's official !

Over at the flog some may remember Kman's first post around two years ago, called "Terminal and scared" regarding his imminent demise. He was going down fast with total organ failure, and was days away from the knackers yard. The thread contained so many contradictions and anomalies it was locked, or deleted I can't remember which.

That tome of doom was followed up with the imaginatively titled "Terminal and scared-UPDATE" Why this thread has survived is beyond me. One thing that cannot be argued,  Kman has defied all known medical science. To survive two years with total organ failure is a first, and I sincerely hope he has donated his carcass to medical science, much can be learned. Maybe we will be informed when he checks out, but don't be at all surprised if we continue to hear from him.



Anonymous said...

just read the utter drivel on your whinge thread on your truly dead forum. (You know it's dead, you killed it, in spite of others trying their best to keep it alive in the face of your efforts to demotivate everyone)

Maybe Kman is real, maybe he isn't.

But the irony is, he'll be missed if he is real, but it'll be relief if he isn't.

As to you, Eddie, you've devoted your life to bitter ranting and whining over how hard life is for you, and how everything is a conspiracy against you. One day, we can say, at least the whinging has stopped.
Cool legacy you'll be leaving behind.
What's it like to have wasted a life?

Lowcarb team member said...

"What's it like to have wasted a life?"

I suppose at the end of the day, the value of a life is highly relative don't you think?

"whining over how hard life is for you"

My life has been wonderful, the worlds best wife, six great kids, five stunning grandchildren and just about every material thing I ever wanted.

No my friend life for me is great, how about you? Come on give me a clue my anonymous friend. Thank you for being such an avid fan, much appreciated.

Have a nice weekend.

Eddie x

Anonymous said...

You see Eddie, that's your problem, you need any attention.
You even need to publish these comments, as then you feel you have got someone's attention, somewhere in the world.
You really need to step back, and honestly assess how much impact you've had on people.
But you're happy with material goods, which is good for you, but the incessant desire for praise suggests you've realised you can't fill your life with the solely material.
But fair play, eventually you did find one wife that put up with your incessant moaning.
Try to keep this one.

Lowcarb team member said...


Why is it you never answer a question? why do you hang on my every word? We have had dealings in the past I reckon. I expect you was one of those low carb antis that have been proved to be so wrong.

Isn't it great to see so many Doctors these days promoting low carb rather than eat junk and shoot up the meds. Say what you like about me, but I have been right about the best way to control diabetes for years, and almost all dietitians 100% wrong.

Talk again soon, and thank you for allowing me to promote the cause yet again.

Eddie xx