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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sliced bread? Greggs the Bakers stops selling loaves !

What do you call a baker that doesn't sell bread?

Greggs, the high street bakery chain famous for its steak bakes and sausage rolls, has stopped selling bread in some of its branches in order to free up more space for snacks and coffee.

“While loaves of bread can still be purchased in a number of our shops where we see high levels of customer demand, we also understand that customer shopping habits and needs are changing and have adapted accordingly.”

But food journalist Andrew Webb worries that bread, part of the human diet for around 9,000 years, is in danger of becoming "little more than a carbohydrate glove" to prevent sandwich fillings from spilling. "We treat bread these days a little like we treat tea or milk," he says. "We just want the cheapest available. It's the product that gets thrown out the most."

Greggs also sells pasties, sausage rolls, salads and pizza slices, among other things. Yet sandwiches dominate front-of-shop displays.

Link to article here.

"little more than a carbohydrate glove" That's about the strength of it I reckon, cheap junk bread hopefully wrapped around some real food. Chuck the glove is my advice. Greggs will continue to sell lot's of crap, no need for the high carb real food antis to panic.


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