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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Food Revolution Day: Jamie Oliver On The 'Global Obesity Epidemic' And Importance Of Teaching Kids About Food

"There were 43 million children under the age of five classed as overweight or obese in 2013.
Jamie Oliver says that we're in the throws of a "global obesity epidemic". And judging by these figures from the World Health Organisation, he'd be right.

In answer to the world's alarming obesity problem, Oliver has launched his biggest campaign ever: a global petition which sets out to persuade the governments of G20 countries to provide their nations’ children with the "basic human right” of food education in schools.

The petition has been backed by the likes of Usain Bolt, Kylie Minogue, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey, and so far, the celebrity chef has garnered over one million signatures.

"You really can’t underestimate people power," ... "Over the years, I've worked with many leaders and politicians, and the one thing they've all consistently voiced is that if we demand change, they’ll action it."

Obesity is a major global issue and it's something which can no longer be ignored. It's also a matter which is incredibly close to Oliver's heart.

"The bottom line is the next generation will live shorter lives than their parents if nothing is done to rectify these alarming stats," he says.

"Something is seriously wrong with our relationship with food and we need to act now before our health services around the world become overwhelmed by the effects of preventable diet-related disease."

Oliver believes that getting people to sign his petition will mark the first step towards changing the world.

"That’s a bold statement I know, but I’m confident that by harnessing our unified, global voice, we have the power to shape the future," he adds."

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Sign The Food Revolution Petition Here

Jamie needs your help fighting for food education

Post Edit:
You may also want to read this article here which raises points to do with this post.


Anonymous said...

Signed it, shared it.
Seems a bit odd, didn't expect you to get into bed with an anti, but if you reckon he's worth it, ok.

Anonymous said...

Jamie's 'diet of death'
He's a high carb junkie, pasta, bread, rice, potato, and low fat?
He might as well just stick the NHS eatwell plate out and poison the kids himself.

He won't be getting my approval, and I'm ashamed it's being promoted on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Choice is an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. I would not choose to put my head in a gas oven. I would not choose to walk along a busy motorway. Would I choose to eat something that I was allergic to, even though the low carb team said it was low carb? No I would not.

Choice is personal. We read, we watch, we choose, we make the decision.

Whether readers of this blog sign the petition or not is a personal choice.If you read all the article you will see two different views were put forward.

I think the low carb team bring a balance of articles, papers, recipes and even music. BB King was good last night.

We each choose what we want to read and act upon and which ones we don't.

Keep on bringing a selection of different topics. It is what makes this blog so interesting to read.

I happen to like some of Jamie's recipes. Others may not.


Anonymous said...

Once the blog gets into bed with someone, who as you rightly say, is inviting people to put their head into a gas oven, especially when it comes to pushing kids heads in there against their will, someone needs to pull it back into reality.
I doubt Eddie would be endorsing Jamie on this one, we'll no doubt hear when he's posting again, as he's been oddly quiet at the moment.
Maybe a 'domestic' on this one?