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Monday, 25 May 2015

DCUK Mod required, the ability to think not required !

Over at the forum of flog, a relatively new member talks of his weight loss, together with "now not needing to take medication" and diet and exercise. Please note! he did not mention the dreaded words Low Carb. Various members congratulate the guy, all quiet on the western front, so far. Another relatively new member cratat asks "Would you like to share how you have managed to do it as I need to lose at least that amount and am struggling thanks in advance steam engineer"

Steam Engineer answers the question and says amongst other things "Cut down on meat intake, increased veg intake, reduced carbohydrates (reduced potato, pasta and rice etc) and included beans and pulses into meals" and "l also cut out sweet things, sugar, chocolate etc. although the occasional treat is acceptable" again the guy mentions exercise.

The post is followed up by others, more congratulations, everything cool. Others also state they had success with not keeping to the eatwell plate etc. But note again, no grief, but oh dear, looks like it's another great result for the low carb lifestyle. Clearly this unhinges Noblehead the type one diabetic moderator and low carb anti. Who proceeds to edit a low carbers post and state "Can we just continue to offer encouragement and support to the OP and not derail this thread further with which diet is best at controlling diabetes. Thank You." 

This nonsense from Noblehead was liked by err...cratat. The fact is, no one had not supported the OP, in fact the very opposite. I fully appreciate Noblehead on insulin, a pump, test strips, and an endocrinologist, may not realise for the majority of diabetics (that's type two's) diet is the biggest weapon we have in the kit to control not only weight, but also diabetes. But even by the flogs lamentable moderation standard, today's antics reach a new low.

Please bear in mind, the thread is called Lose Weight and in the Weight Loss and Dieting forum. Perish the thought, people would derail the thread by talking about diet, especially when asked a direct question from another member.

Link to the lunacy here.



Gingi Freeman said...

It's amazing what a change you'll see in your health when you start eating healthy!! -

Roses and Lilacs said...

I am still experimenting with different 'diets'. I lost 30 pounds and still my sugar is too high and my LDL is way too high. That convinced me cutting calories doesn't work. Now I'm cutting carbs and that is very difficult because pastas, breads, sweets are something I thought I couldn't live without.

Lowcarb team member said...

"Now I'm cutting carbs and that is very difficult because pastas, breads, sweets are something I thought I couldn't live without."

I have no choice, it's cut back the carbs for me or lot's of medication, some have been proved to be very dangerous.

I have a big incentive as a diabetic, I am frightened of going blind or limb amputation.

Thank you for your comments and ongoing support Ladies.

Kind regards Eddie

Cheryl said...

My dear departed father had started to go blind. I cannot tell you how sad it made him.
He was a diabetic (type 2)....
initially he controlled it with diet but eventually ended up with medication.
I wish I had known about the cutting carbs issue when he was alive........

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry to hear that Cheryl.

My Father was a type two and died with lot's of complications. Like you I found out too late to help him.

Thank you for you comments and support.

Kind regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

good sob story.
Pity your mental health is down the pan.
If you had any willpower at all, you could turn yourself around, but sadly, it's something you appear to be missing, and the easy way, while it's appealing, is never the best way, despite your family history, you still need to pull it together, or when it comes, all you'll do is whine as usual about how it's unfair again.
The best of health to you and yours, keep looking, maybe you'll find some willpower?

Anonymous said...

be honest,
he would have told you where to go, as most people have done, I guess he never really thought you would amount to much?
Particularly if he have seen what a hash you have made of your 'Dead Forum'?

Lowcarb team member said...


You just don't get it do you. Noblehaed and your ilk never knew the plot, let alone lost it. Carbed up to the gills and costing the NHS a fortune, all because of zero self discipline and addicted to junk food. All the time working to make rich men more money and adding to the funds of junk food and big pharma, for free.

A negative anon is no more than a gutless poison pen writer, a nothing hiding in the shadows, petrified to come out of the quagmire of self delusion and cowardice.

Have a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

be honest, your dad though you were an idiot, and treated you the same way everyone else does now?

Lowcarb team member said...

Bonasera anon bonasera.


Anonymous said...

What a complete moron you are anon are you a dcuk mod.

Galina L. said...

You are doing great job ,Eddie, by not blocking comments of anonymous morons. If only rude idiots contradict you , what else to wish for? The only problem - they have tendency to be repetitive, but we can't expect much from the people with such brain condition.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Galina

As always thanks for your support. The point is, my post re the idiot mod was linked for the whole world to see the truth. I was not lying about Noblehead. These moronic anons never ever provide one sentence of constructive criticism or sane comment. They just rant on like a broken record, they are barking mad, but they never see that themselves.

Regards Eddie