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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Paleo Mom and other gimmicks to make money.

Check out the short video above from the Paleo f(x) Conference 2015, for me it epitomises all that is wrong in the paleo movement. Everywhere you look it's the big sell. Books, special food products and even paleo deodorant. Yes you read that right, how long before we see the paleo cell phone? I have been hearing about another up and coming paleo star called The Paleo Mom, evidently a keto diet is a one way ticket to the knackers yard according to her blog here.

Good grief the list of negatives is so long only a complete madman would go on a keto diet surely. Over at the forum of flog DCUK, the high priestess of carb up and shoot up Phoenix was not slow to post up links to the post of doom. Phoenix you may recall has spent the last five years of her life kicking low carb and extolling the virtues of the like of Hope Warshaw and Carbsane. So, when Phoenix is posting up a link, you can rest assured a big pharma shill would approve. By the way Paleo Mom evidently lost a lot of weight low carbing and some photo's showing a nice slim Mom on here site. Unfortunately like so many others, the discipline appears to have gone out the window, and the weight is piling back on as seen from a photograph from the aforementioned conference. Mom tells us it's all down to stress. Note how for so many on the big sell, they can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

Check out the Woo's take on this latest crock of crap from another paleo "expert" Say what you like about Woo, she can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Woo's full post here.

"She is at LEAST 20 pounds heavier than she is in the two photos above. Waist is thicker, she is clearly NOT MAINTAINING HER WEIGHT. Typical low carb failure; loses wt on LC, gains progressively on paleo, but for some reason she considers this a success. 100% of these LC turned tato/paleo are the same, FATTER after quitting. But they still market themselves as gurus."



Gwen said...

I just am turned off by people who take a little success and try to make it big as a blogger. I realize that is irrational; people have the right to make a living any way they want to, as long as it's legal. Just a personal vendetta for me. LOL

Lowcarb team member said...

The same old recycled stuff that we have seen a thousand times.

First build a blog with stuff most people know about. Then write some books, then comes the donate cash to me button, then some total bullshit to kick up a storm and push the books.

A keto diet is dangerous she says, complete and utter nonsense. Like so many things, it's not what you do, it's how you do it.


Galina L. said...

I've decided to check out who that Paleo Mom was, and that check reinforced my unwillingness to read absolute majority of paleo blogs - here are her posts about the dangers of a ketogenic diet, kale-is-a-superfood because it contains a lot of magical compounds which may fight a cancer, lemon-ginger kombuca tea, the book about an autoimmune protocol is on sale. As a person who have to deal all my life with my autoimmune system misbehavior, and my son and husband are the same, I can tell just one thing - when you deal with that , you don't need more flavonoids and antyoxidants. The point of view that you need more different and very potent substances, preferably natural, to be healthy, does not correspond well with my life experience.
The long list of horrible condition presumably associated with a ketogenic diet left me shaking my head. That lady wants to make as much noise as she can in order to be noticed.