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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Is type two diabetes a genetic fault ?

People who have followed me over the years, on forums and blogs, know I believe type two diabetes, is very often, down to a genetic fault. My Grandmother, and Father died from type two diabetes complications. Both my Sister and I are type two diabetics, as is one of my Sons. We are doing our best to stop the disease spreading to our grandchildren.

Under medical advice and supervision, our three grandchildren are lowcarbers. Don’t get me wrong, they are not down to my 30-50 carbs per day. Their diets are based on low starch/lowcarb fresh vegetables and lowcarb fruits. Fresh chicken, beef and fish is added, together with butter, cheese and cream. They only drink water and milk. They eat a very small amount of pasta and high quality bread. They eat no sugar, concentrated fruit drinks, sweets, crisps etc. Chocolate in small amounts and lowcarb ice cream is a once a week treat. They are all thriving, may that always be the case.

Carbo poster says.
"When all else fails the Ediot brings out pictures of the grandchildren and videos of music. It is a fad diet and time will tell"

I love my grandchildren and hope they will keep to their nil sugar, low starch diets, and will stick to this fad diet, and never become type two diabetics.



Anonymous said...


I hear what you say and agree, why do you waste your time with Carbo’s blog? Give it up. Keep to the good information and recipes.

Compliments of the season and good health.


blackdog said...

Hi Eddie. The debate in science as to whether it's 'nature or nurture' will always be contested. It's also a good excuse, used by Pharma to 'treat' patients rather than effect a cure or at least render the illness to a benign state.

There is an obvious link in diabetes to our forebears, in that we may have a pre-disposition to a particular ailment or disease but, if we take action to break the chain connecting us to that propensity it does seem to work.

The trouble with the 'genetic' label is that NIDDM is increasing at a rate above population increase, so one has to assume that other factors are in play outwith the simple paradigm of heredity. My belief, and that of many others, is that NIDDM is multifactoral and whilst it may be said to be aligned with genetics, society as a whole is beset with many influences that did not exist in times gone by and that these are significant in the epidemiology of diabetes. Obviously in my thought process, the influence of high carbohydrate intake as a mainstay of nutrition is one of these.

So is it the genetics or the influence of our parents diet, lifestyle or wealth that is causative? I really am unsure but, so long as I and you keep questioning the mainstream model and taking our own actions to influence our health and that of our nearest and dearest then we are breaking the chain. What I am sure of is that 'low carb' is an established scientific diet protocol that embraces the past good health of our distant forebears and keeps me and mine out of the dialysis unit.

I will raise a glass of good red wine to you and yours when I eat my good aged beef rib and veggies at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I'm with you on this too. Eddie and the team do a great job suppling the articles and news. I like the magazine style and you can dip in and out and read what interests you. I have to admit some of the crazy antics of some, which then result in a cartoon or similar reply have made me smile. But the message always remains the same low carb works and it seems in most cases reduces the amount of medicine/tablets you need to take.
At this time of year I guess you have to be charitable and say it is up to the individual but again I would ask that people read the articles look at the recipes and good success stories. It is then up to them what they choose to do. For me and my family we now follow a low carb way of life, we are healthier for it, find it easy and would say to anyone who hasn't tried it to give it a go.

As we get nearer to Christamas I would like to send best wishes to all readers of this blog and thank the team for all they have done in 2011 - long may it continue into 2012.


Anonymous said...

I have never even been to the Carbo guys blog, so don't worry about what others say... I am with the others here, you do an amazing job and represent a light in the darkness out there on the internet. Just so you know I was shooting 15-20 blood sugars... I shot for the first time in three years of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a 5.9!

Without people like you people like me would be dying.

Thank You and PLEASE keep doing your incredible work! (stop focusing on the trolls!)

Colin (from Toronto)

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you for the comments. As Blackdog says.

"There is an obvious link in diabetes to our forebears, in that we may have a pre-disposition to a particular ailment or disease but, if we take action to break the chain connecting us to that propensity it does seem to work."

It does work. Reducing carbs to a minimum we can control type diabetes. We can live a long, active life. More drugs are not the answer.


Anonymous said...

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