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Saturday 31 December 2011

Only fools and horses.

Stick a Mars bar in me pocket,
I’ll fetch the Orlistat from the van,
Cause if you want bent ‘uns,
And you don’t ask questions,
Then Carbo he’s your man.

Where the BG’s come from is a mystery,
It’s like the changing of the seasons,
And the tides of the sea,
But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk,
Why can’t the fools make low GI work.

All sugar, starch no FAT,
No weight loss is guaranteed,
Black or white, rich or broke,
He’ll raise weight and BG's at a stroke.

God bless lowcarb Street,
Viva lowcarb Street,
Long live lowcarb Street,
C`est magnifique lowcarb Street,
Magnifique lowcarb Street.



Anonymous said...

Well thank you, this has certainly made me laugh on New Years Eve.

I certainly bless 'lowcarb Street'


By the way Happy New Year to all (whether low carb or not)

Anonymous said...

Love it, love the blog. Looking forward to more in 2012.

Saint Graham said...

Happy New Year and best wishes to all for another year of healthy Low Carbing.

According to information I have received it appears I've been Canonized so it's only right I should offer all you Low Carbers my blessings too.

Must go I'm off for a fitting for my halo

Graham Patron Saint of Low Carbers

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Graham

Nice to see Carbo is still a regular. His Pâté recipe looks good to me. Pity his good posts rarely receive a comment.

The nature of the beast eh.

Is Carbo going lowcarb? If he dumps the toast and other crap, he might get of the Orlistat.


graham64 said...

"Nice to see Carbo is still a regular. His Pâté recipe looks good to me"

It does look ok, but I bet his low fat followers are foaming at the mouth (nothing unusual there then)at the very mention of Butter! God knows what the low fat Evangelist will make of it.

Saint Graham said...

Well I'm not the only one to be Canonized, it appears Dick Duck the scourge of low fat carb munchers is also now a Saint likes to be called Saint Richard now!

I thought I could return the favour to Tubs but it is proving to be a logistical nightmare trying to find a cannon to suit his girth. The largest cannon is only a 890mm calibre which is obviously far to small, having said that it's a bad idea anyway, tubolard is not a fitting name for a Saint now is it.

Sorry tubs you will just have to remain a nondescript T2