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Thursday 15 December 2011


Coming soon, a shredding of Carbo's latest post.

"Because they often cut out key foods, fad diets may cause the following symptoms:
Weakness and fatigue;
Nausea and headaches;
Inadequate vitamin and mineral intake
Fad diets that severely restrict food groups or nutrients may also mean that you miss out on the protective health effects that a balanced eating plan provides.
Here's a list of ten signs that indicate you could be being sold a fad diet:

Promises a large or fast weight loss (more than two pounds per week);
Does not include suggestions to consult with your doctor or a registered dietitian;

Encourages you to eliminate food groups (such as grains) or eat from a limited selection of foods;

Offers rigid menus that don’t consider your likes, dislikes and lifestyles;
Neglects active living or lifestyle changes;

Provides far fewer calories that what is needed for an energised, healthy lifestyle;

Contradicts what most trusted health professionals say;

Depends on special products, supplements or treatments;
Has miraculous claims;

Relies on testimonials and anecdotes rather than scientific evidence.
I’ll leave it to your own fertile imaginations to decide whether you’ve read claims that ring these particular alarm bells. Please feel free to leave a comment pointing out where you’ve read them, just so that you can warn people off these sites."

Lowcarb, a fad diet, Carbo is out to lunch, Carbo is a very high carb, and drugs and Oriblestat advocate. This self confessed, high carb, morbidly obese, cover it with med's blowhard, never gives up. As I said, we can, and will, shred his argument, full-stop !



graham64 said...

Tub's needs to reflect on his own diet before passing judgement on others.

His lack of self control and a drug like addiction to carbs led to his obesity resulting in him having to resort to orlistat, what next a gastric band? It would appear his low Gi low fat diet is really just another fad, as was shown by the lack of interest in his own DFL forum.

Anonymous said...


Why do you constantly refer to Carbophile as Tubs?

graham64 said...

"Why do you constantly refer to Carbophile as Tubs?"

If you don't know the history this may be hard for you to draw a conclusion from. The answer is that despite his denials, tubolard and carbophile are one and the same.

Just a few facts;

They both come from same area of the country, they both have a wife and daughter, they are both obese, both well versed in the art? of pedantry and of course they are both carb addicts (like to dunk a couple of chocolate digestives for a mid meal snack). Last but not least the similarity in his posts on the blog, DCUK and DFL just can't be ignored.

PS. he's also known as the trolls bungle and GothRosie, there are probably many more aliases he's used that we don't know about.