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Sunday 6 December 2015

Meta-analysis of prospective cohort low carb diets.

Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of sound dietary advice versus the dietary information for diabetics from the British Dietetic Association.

After evaluating comments and postings on twitter, and other social media from BDA members. The comments were considered for relevance for the average diabetic, for those looking to lose weight, the safe reduction of blood glucose numbers, and to evaluate if any sound information whatsoever could be found.

Objective: The objective of this meta-analysis was to summarise the evidence related to the aforementioned control method.  A full evaluation was made of the BDA dietary recommendations for diabetics, the value of the information was considered, together with an assessment of the participants often unprofessional, smug, pompous and we know it all attitude and behaviour. BDA members displayed increasing paranoia, and at times a state of pronounced delusion, when non members demonstrated type two diabetes could be reversed, and medication reduced on the excellent BBC program Doctor in the house. As can be read here. 

Conclusions: After thorough and exhaustive examination of the said posts and tweets, they were considered to be as much use to the average diabetic, as a rubber beak on a woodpecker! Study participants suffered from extreme Lowcarbus Antius Maximus Cretinopathy a chronic condition.. It is highly likely the recommended BDA dietary advice for diabetics leads to highly elevated blood glucose numbers, a deteriorating lipid panel and an ever-increasing reliance on diabetes medication.

Remedy: A diet of 1500-2500 calories per day based on non starchy vegetables, high quality natural fats and adequate proteins. Very active BDA dietitians may require a higher calorie intake. It is envisaged a comprehensive re-training system will need to be implemented before progress is made. Clearly conflicts of interests anomalies need to be addressed to re-establish credibility.

Paper submitted to BMJ 1/4/2015 Professor Leopold J Knobheadski Emeritus Professor Institute for sound dietary information

Professor Leopold J Knobheadski unlike so many high profile dietitians has no conflicting interests.


PhilT said...

LOL. You do have to watch out for conflicts like being a vegetarian (Mellor) or fake Twitter identities (McArdle) as well as the usual breakfast cereal sponsorship of the BDA.

At least they're keeping Fat Sian off our screens.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting comment and reveals the attitudes of some of the evidence-base extremists. Of course it is important to take all data available into account, but in an emergency, one should act more rationally: no-one doubts the use of parachutes despite the lack of randomised trials - and no-one would listen for an expert opinion when trapped in a burning building.

The question is how well one can weigh up the urgency of action and the importance of delaying acting - is the risk of quick (but wrong) decisions higher than the risk of delaying?

Lowcarb team member said...

Good comment thank you.

I seems to me optimum treatment for a diabetic, is to get to none diabetic BG numbers as fast as safely possible, ideally with minimal medication. Clearly a person who is extremely carb intolerant a diet based on carbs is not the away to go. But this has been pushed by the medical establishment for decades and has failed most diabetics totally.

Regards Eddie

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Phil

Thanks for your comment. The BDA are in a damage limitation mode I reckon. Hardly a day goes by without another HCP indirectly highlighting the lamentable state of so called "experts" failure in the fight against obesity and the often linked type two diabetes.

Regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie,

Its very true. Unfortunately many have trained within the establishment with a desire to help others and then decide not to register, for professional and ethical reasons. Conditioned to believe that we are the 'absolute experts' in the field - looking down on other highly educated people who have not undergone our 'specialist training'.

Professionalism is of paramount importance throughout training - but is this professional behaviour that is being displayed? Displaying cocky attitudes and 'poo pooing' other individuals who do not have the same educational background and training as ourselves? Ridiculing other academics knowledge and contributions regarding nutrition? Twitter feed directed at a cardiologist recently horrified me.

With the recent publicity surrounding fats (particularly saturated fat) is it fair to suggest that we can only trust one organisation to know about nutrition?

Maybe the time has come to humble ourselves and realise that these entrenched attitudes do nothing to gain public support or confidence. I do not follow a particularly low carbohydrate diet, but I do respect individual choice and experience.

Outing the 5 worst celebrity diets e.t.c? Many who had not undergone 'specialist' training had a far better diet than myself! No superiority complex, just an honest, humble, engaging, sharing attitude.

Anonymous said...

I may be incorrect - but it is my understanding that Eddie had never heard of this organisation - until his low carbohydrate blog was met with hostility? And now its come back to bite on the bum perhaps?

Lowcarb team member said...

"Anonymous said...
I may be incorrect - but it is my understanding that Eddie had never heard of this organisation - until his low carbohydrate blog was met with hostility? And now its come back to bite on the bum perhaps?"

And what organisation would that be please tell. Are you referring to Professor Leopold J Knobheadski Emeritus Professor Institute for sound dietary information ?

Please tell me you did not realise this outfit is a complete spoof.

Beam me up Scottie


Lowcarb team member said...

@ comment timed at 15.54

Thank you for great comment. As you would expect I agree with every word.

Kind regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

I wrote that comment! What I mean't was the organisation or 'mob' came after you... ridiculing your website... but they didn't bank on getting payback!

Should keep a tighter lead on their members! Course I knew the outfit is a complete spoof! And a bloody hilarious one at that! Serves them right for showing themselves to be so ignorant of others intelligence!

Lowcarb team member said...

@ 17.44

My misunderstanding and I apologise, it's been a long day, fighting off naysayers etc.

In my opinion the BDA look a more amateurish outfit by the day. I wonder how many qualified UK dietitians want no part of the BDA. Anyone got any numbers?

The hardest gig for a LCHF promoter like me, is keeping a straight face when a morbidly obese dietitian tells me my diet of whole fresh food is dangerous.

Thanks for your comments.

Regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

I've had to re-read your meta-analysis! So funny!!! And along with your musical exploits of 'Windmills of your mind' just topped it off - like the icing on the cake! Oh how funny!

Anonymous said...

Your a joker!!! 'Professor Leopold J Knobheadski Emeritus Professor Institute for sound dietary information' - they didn't bank on being exposed by somebody as incredibly funny, articulate and above all, as intelligent as you!! When your part of the establishment you have to mind your 'P's and Q's'. but this website tops it all! I for one will be championing this website!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Eddie - in your response to your question earlier - too many!! I've got friends that take and lead student training... and they tell me they pass people just to make up for what they went through in their training, rather than marking on performance! Yet its 'insisted' that all training is equal and above board! My big fat bum it is! Just goes to show that I was right all along!

Lowcarb team member said...

Low carbers versus the BDA no contest we are equipped with BG meters! SMBG constantly reminds us just how bad the BDA dietary guidelines for Type 2 are.

Those who don't have access to testing kit and are compliant are the ones that end up on multiple meds regime and the inevitable progression to insulin thanks to the low fat high carb dogma pushed by the BDA which of course incurs a burden on the already overstretched NHS budget.

Big Pharma are the ones laughing all the way to the bank

Lowcarb team member said...

Message to our Cowardly Troll

Eddie tells me you've been busy today posting your boring repetitive tripe, as you claim to being a spokesperson for a number of other anonymous nonentity's please convey our thanks for their input in adding to our already impressive page views of 1,669,013. As you can see the 2 million mark is fast approaching. It good to know we are still after all this time annoying all the right people and they are adding to our page views !

Keep up the good work]

Love and hugs to all
Kind Regards

PhilT said...


BDA says "The BDA has approximately 80% of the dietitians registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as members."

Interesting that 97% of Dietitians are women.

Anonymous said...

Oh they must really be hating your meta-analysis! How funny! After discovering this website 2 days ago, I had a good old phone chat with Eddie and enlightened him on the real unprofessional goings on behind the scenes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately and sadly, this is very very true. The male members were actually much nicer and more humane. As a female myself, lots of really nasty, spiteful, pompous, power hungry attitudes displayed by the remainder. Its best to be well shot of it. Not good for the soul at all! It takes a real person to rise above it and recognise what it takes to truly help people.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I feel extremely cheated... Just saw the Martha Leach and Professor Noakes televised debate that you uploaded, debating carbohydrates...

All those years of studying 'the mantra'... pretending to respect the utterly ridiculous 'learning outcomes' while knowing full well it was a complete load of utter bulls#it!!!

Feeling like a useless 'forti-fairy' and having to PRETEND to justify ridiculous plans which I knew was complete and utter bollocks anyway!!

And all the while I was being taught a load of bullshit as your uploaded video has shown! As if being a forti-pusher in training for years wasn't bad enough.... to add insult to injury... the utter ridiculousness of having it described to me as... WAIT FOR IT... A CASELOAD!!!! Yes, a CASELOAD! It beggars believe!!! I always thought 'try being a doctor or a nurse for a day and you'l realise what a real caseload is'! But I couldn't say that! I still have nightmares about those bottles chasing me down the street!

Wow... thanks for uploading the video Eddie!