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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

British Dietetic Association senior dietitian twitter comment.

Real food

Fake food

"Last weekend the Food and Drink Team took Belvita Breakfast to BDA Live, the annual British Dietetics Association conference. As headline sponsor the team was on hand to help keep the dietitians going all morning. Whether they visited the breakfast bar or attended the breakfast workshops they had the opportunity to hear about the science and nutrition behind the brand. The conference was a great success with 82% of dietitians agreeing Belvita Breakfast is a good option for breakfast and 71% admitting we had changed their previous perception."

Belvita Breakfast is a high carb, highly processed junk food that no one needs, but let's not forget, "82% of dietitians agreeing Belvita Breakfast is a good option for breakfast" and "71% admitting they had changed their previous perception" Changed their perception, sponsorship (money) a few free samples and some propaganda from the PR reps and they change their minds, wonderful. 

So there you have it, whole fresh food or the Belvita Breakfast as endorsed and recommended by the BDA, no wonder the obesity epidemic gets worse by the day.



Anonymous said...

Completely unprofessional. Not reflective of the taught learning outcomes on professionalism standards of behaviour. A complete load of hogwash.

Anonymous said...

But... but... it has WHOLE GRAINS!

Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy" where they are feeding the crops electrolytes because "it's what plants crave" -- and the crops are all dead. But they keep repeating the corporate advertising slogan that's been pounded into their heads -- "it's what plants crave."

Debbie said...

i was slightly confused at first, but in the end, it all made sense!!!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

The picture of the cornucopia of fresh vegetables is quite splendid - exactly the kind of food I like to eat, and thank goodness we are well blessed with several farmers'markets in the area.

Galina L. said...

I hope the dietitians who attended the conference themselves would build their menu around the stuff they recommend as a personal experiment experiment.