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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Halloumi salad with orange & mint : A taste of the Mediterranean

This is a favourite with vegetarians, but can be enjoyed by others too! The mix of ingredients works well, adding an extra zing for your taste buds!

Of course if you wish you could also serve it with chicken breast and steamed green beans... the choice is always left to you dear reader.


Serves Four
(12g carb per serving)
3 medium orange segments and juice
1 small bunch mint leaves, chopped
4 tsp white wine vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
2 x 250g packs halloumi cheese, drained
50g walnut pieces, toasted (or pecans work well too)

145g rocket, (arugula) watercress and spinach salad mix


1. Heat a large griddle or frying pan over a high heat. In a large bowl, combine the orange segments and juice, mint leaves, vinegar and olive oil. Season, then gently toss together.
2. Slice each block of halloumi into 8-10 pieces, then griddle or fry for 1-2 mins on each side until charred and beginning to melt.
3. Add the walnuts and salad leaves to the orange and mint, then toss together. Top with the griddled halloumi slices and season with some black pepper.

Original recipe idea from here

Now, here is a little more about Halloumi ... which is pronounced ha-loo-mee.

It's a semi-hard chewy, white cheese originating from Cyprus and made from cow's, goat's or sheep's milk, or a combination. It has a mild salty flavour and lends itself beautifully to cooking due to its firm texture which is retained even when cooked and exposed to high temperatures.

In good supermarkets and speciality stores.

Choose the best:
Cut into slices - the halloumi should 'squeak' as it is cut into.

Store it:
An unopened packet of halloumi will keep in the fridge for up to a year. Once opened store in salt water in the fridge.

Cook it:
Fantastic fried, grilled or barbecued. Added to salads or served with vegetables. Halloumi is often served with chopped mint to add flavour. Also goes well with finely chopped chilli.

Try mozzarella.

These facts from here

and while you enjoy your Halloumi, here is a glimpse of Cyprus,

an island in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia.
( image from here )

All the best Jan


Bob Bushell said...

That's good, a vegetarian meal, I love it.

Jo said...

It looks lovely. I noticed only yesterday how well my mint's doing this year, a great way to use some up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jan, another great recipe idea.


Debbie said...

Yummy!!! I need a personal cook!! hehehe

This N That said...

Looks yummy..Beautiful presentation..Enjoy your day

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Hummm aquele prato deve ser delicioso.
Um abra├žo e bom Domingo.

Lisa said...

I love this cheese, but I'm the only one at home that does so I'd end up eating it all!
Lisa x

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jan,

The halloumi salad looks delicious and nice combination with the orange and mint salad.
Also enjoyed seeing the lovely photo of Cyprus.
Happy new week

Martha said...

This looks so delicious! I'd never heard of Halloumi cheese and I'm not sure where I'll find it. But I'll check around!

Snowbird said...

That does look fab, I always looking for a good vegan cheese that fryable....I'm a lazy shopper and give up too easily, there must be one though. Loved that pic!xxx