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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Arsenic and toxic metals found in baby foods !

The products tested by the researchers were made by major baby food manufacturers including Organix, Hipp, Nestle and Holle - some of which are available in British supermarkets.

Researchers found feeding infants twice a day on the shop-bought baby foods such as rice porridge can increase their exposure to arsenic by up to fifty times when compared to breast feeding alone.
Exposure to other toxic metals such as cadmium, which is known to cause neurological and kidney damage, increased by up to 150 times in some of the foods tested by Swedish scientists, while lead increased by up to eight times.

Trust the big food companies, good luck ! They will kill anyone for profit !



Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding is definitely the best for those mums who can. But oh doesn't this article bring home the importance of using good fresh food. Come on mums we must put aside time to produce 'fresh' meals for our little ones. Shame on the food companies who are guilty of this practice. Dare we say boycott their products?!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you it only takes a little time to prepare some tasty food and it is so worth it. When you prepare some why not freeze some of it to save a bit of time next time around.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe food companies could do this perhaps I am just too naive. What are the food agencies doing that this can be allowed. I agree with your other contributers here. Mums (dads too) please please take time to prepare your childs food with good fresh food, lovingly prepared, I'm sure your child will thrive.

Anonymous said...

My mother in law who is one of your low carb followers showed me this article at the weekend. I have also mentioned it to my friends, we just couldn't believe it and have talked about the possibility of boycotting the products.

To coin a phrase "Breast is best" and as mum in law says use fresh home cooked food pureed for the babies.