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Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Wonder Diet Mysteries Are Revealed !

I have often wondered, how a diabetic can low carb, and reduce fat, down to what many people would regard as a very low fat diet, and stay fit and active. With only three main food groups, proteins, fats and carbs, how do you reduce carbs to a low carb level, for me, that’s between 30 and 50 carbs per day i.e. around a tenth of what is considered normal, for a non diabetic, and reduce fats down to, let’s say half of the daily recommended 90 grams. Other than supplementing with a huge amount of protein. The answer appears to be starvation and minimal physical activity!

Reading various posts on the forum of fun, calorie levels reported range from “I can maintain my weight at 1000 calories per day” to “I do not eat anything like 2000 calories a day” and “I don’t normally count the calories as carbs are more important to me, but when I have done I was consuming less than 2000”
According to Dietitian, Julie Kellow BSc RD, the daily recommended calorie intake for 4-6 year old boy is 1715 and for a 7-10 year old boy 1970. So, how does an adult get by, and live an active life, on the above quoted calorie levels ?

Let’s take a look at energy expenditure.

About 70% of a human's total energy expenditure is due to the basal life processes within the organs of the body. About 20% of one's energy expenditure comes from physical activity and another 10% from thermo genesis or digestion of food. So, with 70% of energy being used just to stay alive and only 20% of ones energy available for physical activity, one has to ask the question. What levels of physical activities do low carb, low fat and low calorie diabetics participate in ?

Judging by the times, frequency and duration of some individuals on the forum of fun, and the minimal calorie intake, I deduce the total physical activity appears to be, the moving of a plastic mouse.



Anonymous said...

Ken and Sue have dug a hole so deep will they ever get out of it. From Sue "A calorie intake of 1000 or slightly more is quite easy to live on for certain people and indeed was a recognised reducing diet for many years."

This from a SRN oh dear.

Anonymous said...

When the blowhard comes into contact with the world of science there has always been one outcome – an outpouring of bluster and vitriol.

Sorry two outcomes – Canuck will be banned


Anonymous said...

Where is Ally when you need her? No on second thoughts!


Anonymous said...

The day we need Ally we are doomed. She is less use than Kenny boy and he is as much use as a fart in a space helmet.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised by Kenny's antics, when his seriously flawed dietary knowledge comes under scrutiny by a real expert he resorts to his usual bully boy tactics, this time they haven’t worked!. He has shown himself to be a complete idiot which is there for all to see.

Funny how he never questions Ally's demented ramblings, if he is lowcarbing as he says surely he must be at risk from scurvy, constipation, osteoporosis, etc. as Ally predicts.


Anonymous said...

Is Ken a troll?

Anonymous said...

Is Ken aka wrunkelt a Troll?

Pretty obvious don't you think.