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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Seeking an explanation of Canute’s behaviour.

We’ve had some incredible posts on from King Canute, the troll formerly known as wrunkelt, etc. Unfortunately, the most revealing ones have been deleted in order to cover his tracks. Not to worry, the Black Ops squad have them safely logged and filed. The posts concerned a trained qualified professional medical physician attempting to inform an ex-traffic cop that with the ex-traffic cop’s stated amounts of daily carbs and fats; his diet was not viable in the long run.

The matter is easily resolved with some simple arithmetic. Using the notation let:

F denote the number of gm of fat eaten per day
P denote the number of gm of protein eaten per day
C denote the number of gm of carbohydrates eaten per day
A denote the number of 50 ml of premium whisky drunk per day
K denote the number of calories generated per day

It is known that:

F: 1 gram = 9 calories
P: 1 gram = 4 calories
C: 1 gram = 4 calories
A: 1 50 ml = 140 calories


K = 9F + 4P + 4C + 140A

Now from the Black-Ops files we know that King Canute has stated that he eats 20 – 30 gm of fat per day, 30 – 50 gm of carbohydrates per day, enjoys Glenfiddich in moderation (he likes to give an impression of refinement but the Black-Ops files reveal the foul mouthed bilious reality).

To maintain stable weight an average adult male requires around 2500 calories per day.
Now we can use the midpoint of the stated intake of fat and carbohydrates and 1 50 ml of whisky to estimate the required number of gm of protein to attain the stable number of calories.
2500 = 9(25) + 4P + 4(40) + 140(1)

A little arithmetic results in:

P = 525 gm

It is difficult to eat excess protein and that a reasonable maximum would be about 100 gm which is 425 gm short of the amount King Canute needs to maintain a stable body weight with his stated food and drink inputs.

What are we to make of it? Well, one answer would be that King Canute is underestimating (deliberately?) his food and drink intake.

Let’s put his protein intake at 100 gm per day and keep his fat and carbohydrate intake at the midpoint of their stated range.


2500 = 9(25) + 4(100) + 4(40) + 140(A)

A little arithmetic results in:

A = 12.25 x 50 ml of premium whisky.

In the post "Seeking an explanation of Canute’s behaviour" on another blog, a similar analysis was undertaken excluding the alcohol. It was found that a reasonable hypothesis was that Canute was a carnivorous 9-10 year old boy.

In this post, the analysis indicates that Canute is a very heavy drinker which again provides a reasonable hypothesis for his behaviour.


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