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Monday, 25 April 2011

The Wonder Diet Mysteries Are Revealed part 2 !

What a weekend on the forum of fun eh ! Canuck a new member (now banned and labelled a troll) brought up the subject of low carbing and low fat. Like me and other successful lowcarbers, on nil or minimal medication, he had looked at what some members were stating regarding their carb and fat intake, and quite rightly come to the conclusion they must be eating a huge amount of protein.

Think about this, very low carb, very low fat that only leaves protein left to eat. That’s if you are eating a diet that provides adequate calorie intake to live a healthy and active life. Where ever you look the general consensus is around 2500 calories for a man and 2000 for a woman.

According to Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD, the daily recommended calorie intake for an infant aged between 1 and 3 is 1230 for a boy and 1165 for a girl. Imagine my utter astonishment when a forum monitor and SRN stated the following.

“A calorie intake of 1000 or slightly more is quite easy to live on for certain people and indeed was a recognised reducing diet for many years.”

Suddenly all became clear, you cannot survive on a low carb-low fat diet and consume any calories, it’s a mathematical impossibility…………. isn’t it. Unless of course you are eating quite a few carbs and quite a bit of fat, or living on a starvation diet !

Thank you to the forum of fun member who sent us all the posts regarding the debate over the last few days, (including the deleted) we will be publishing them in the near future, they make very interesting reading and I am sure we can all learn from them.



Graham said...

Quote from cugila

“You see we have a great tradition on this Forum that we don't all blindly kowtow to medical people as if they have some right to tell us what we should do.”

Don't kowtow to medical people do you not cugila, what about your friend Ally the so called dietitian, why do you accept her allegations about the the complications she forecasts without comment. She has free rein to post without fear of contradiction aided and abetted by you and sue who claim to be Lowcarbers, and if the predictions were true would be facing the very same complications, yet in your silence you have given credence to Ally's irrational claims.

And unlike the rest of the membership (remember AlcalaBob who's link was to a free download)she is able to link to commercial sites that sell books which is completely against forum policy.

I leave you with a few more quotes from Ally.

“I feel that if you consume less than 20% of your energy intake from carbs then that is low carb.”

“Anything less than 50% carbs could be considered low carb”.

“I use around 40% with alot of my pts and it works -”


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the article - I was scrolling down reading various articles and the cartoon just 'hit me in the face' it's Great.