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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some people are just plain Bonkers !

These days I try to keep away from diabetes forums. Some are great and do a good job, others are dominated by a small group of nothing better to do monitor cronies. The trouble is they are like car crashes, you know looking at them will do you no good, but it’s hard to look away. This comment made me sit up this morning.

“I have two kids living at home who are 20 and 16 we have a cupboard full of biscuits and cakes, white bread in the bread bin and ice cream in the freezer just because I am diabetic and should not eat these things does not mean it should impact on other peoples lives, that’s just being selfish IMHO”

Well, as someone who has seen relatives succumb to type two diabetes complications, and has a type two diabetic son, we know diabetes can be hereditary. We are doing our best to ensure our grand children escape the family curse. If you are a type two diabetic, I suggest you do not fill your cupboards with cakes, biscuits and white bread, and that is not being selfish IMHO. You may just stop a relation from becoming a diabetic.



Anonymous said...

Sid Bonkers-the name says it all. He is is out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Surely whether you are a diabetic or not it makes sense to eat healthy wholesome food, but, if you are a non diabetic and do want to eat bread, cakes etc why not just keep them to a minimum? Slowly but surely it seems people are becoming more interested in what is good for them and foods that are best not eaten too regularly.

Anonymous said...

I saw a post from that bonkers bloke on DCUK were he said in response to a query, “you could try covering the jacket potato with cheese because the fat would slow down the digestion of the potato”

I know fats do help but a jacket potato!!!

He also said

“Its all about learning to "cheat" with your food eat some fat with carbs, put vinegar on chips or have a glass of red wine with your evening meal, it all helps to keep the bg levels down”

Chips, jacket potato's what planet does he live on he's completely lost the plot, to make it worse this was in the low carb forum, and nobody challenged his comments.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much T2 is hereditary and how much is from what we learn to like to eat from our families?
There is an old story of a woman who used to prepare the family Sunday Roast. She would cut the shank off each time she prepared the joint, placing it in the roasting pan beside the leg. When her daughter was learning how to cook the roast she asked her mother why she cut the shank off and her mother told her that this was the proper way to cook a leg of lamb. The mother later asked her mother what the reason was for doing this and her mother replied that when she was first married she found that the leg of lamb would not fit in the small oven she had so she sawed the shank off so it would fit!