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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sister Scurvy Returns !

After a break, my nemesis’s Ally, aka sister scurvy returns. This is the dietition that three years ago was warning low carbers about the perils of scurvy, cancer, osteoporosis and worse. Also known as sportdiet, I will refrain from posting her address and phone number.

Never slow in spreading gloom to diabetics (she is a not a diabetic ) and after many requests to answer the question “ how do low carbers in control, keep non diabetic numbers without resulting to low carbing) has never had an answer, she slithers out of the woodwork, on an irregular basis.

This person, in my opinion, is a disgrace to the so called profession of dietitions. With the NHS cuts, it will benefit many no end, if she and her cohorts are soon joining the ranks of the unemployed, it can only improve the outcome of many diabetics.



Anonymous said...

Ally never stops talking, but never has a word to say. A bit like old Ken, full of it.

Graham said...

This is just a few of the many idiotic quotes from the demented dietician.

“There really is not a low carb amount .”

“I feel that if you consume less than 20% of your energy intake from carbs then that is low carb.”

“Anything less than 50% carbs could be considered low carb”

Poor old dear she's seem very confused about her definition of lowcarb!

"low carbing is dying in the general popualation and that is a fact - the GI diet has taken over."

The GI diet has taken over!!! this goes to show just how befuddled she is.

"What do you miss from carbs - fibre ( that seems to be why constipation is a problem) folic acid and vit C ( pots) or and seratonin which increase from carb consumption and makes you happy - that might account for the loss of a sense of humour in alot of low carbers or is it the hangover from all the alcohol they seem to consume" !

This begs the question is she a real dietician or a quack as the BDA site contradicts most of what she says.


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite Ally quotes is actually from the Fergus

“I'm quite a good listener, Ally, but I find it helps enormously when what I'm listening to makes sense”


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Oh dear a little confused I think....poor lady

Anonymous said...

She's completely lost it, for a so called dietitian to say low carbers are deficient in folic acid and vitamin c because we don't eat potatoes is absolutely ludicrous.
So low carbing is dying is it, check out were I'm one of the 132,933 members, and at the moment there are over 2300 users on line.


Anonymous said...

personally i think she is grate

Lowcarb team member said...

She sure grates on me !