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Monday, 18 April 2011

Great posts from the past !

This post was made by a Doctor on a well known diabetes forum.
“I think there would be a lot less hostility towards you Ally if you actually gave constructive advice to people. Many diabetics have not had a positive relationship with NHS dieticians, myself included. A few have had their problems listened to and appropriately addressed and I hope the situation will continue to improve.

I have yet to see a post from you which is written with the aim of helping someone get better control of their diabetes or improve their nutritional state. So far I have simply seen one post after another of the "Do not try this at home variety." None of your negative comments regarding low carbing have been substantiated by scientific evidence. I am patiently waiting for your scientifically based expose of the errors of Dr Bernstein's method and Gary Taubes collection of evidence. All we have got so far is personal opinion.”

Three years on, I and many others, are still waiting for some positive constructive advice, from dietitions. Check out almost any forum re. posts regarding dietitions, and you will find the vast majority of diabetics, state their dietition was against low carbing. The same goes for most Doctors. At best a low carber will hear is “if it works for you stick with it” With the cut backs on non insulin type two medications, there will be a choice for many diabetics and healthcare professionals, Insulin or a drastic change in diet and lifestyle. Start buying shares in Insulin manufacturers, sales will be going through the roof !

Then again maybe not. If a type two is on Insulin the medics will have to start issuing one hell of a lot of test strips, and many know it can be easier getting blood from a stone. Interesting times ahead for sure.

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