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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Quotes of the Century !

From the queen of misinformation.

“But there is lot of misinformation about my profession so i like to inform people!”

From the font of all knowledge regarding the above dietition.

"I agree 100% with Ally5555. She is a Dietician and knows what she is talking about."

From Ken, who usually does not have a clue what he is talking about.

Beam me up Scotty !


well wisher said...

Well perhaps she does know that she is "talking" about food diets and vitamins minerals etc, which is ever so slightly different from "understanding" the same.
Which is good for her because it means the Alzheimers hasnt started yet ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Ally has done more for lowcarb than Bernstein. Listen to her and you know low carb is the only sane answer, is she related to Bonkers ?

Graham said...

“I actually tried it for a couple of weeks out of curiosity ( I dont need to lose wt by the way!) and I couldnt cope with it . Felt tired , no energy and had the dreaded constipation!”

This from Ally who's idea of a lowcarb diet is anything between 20% and 50% of calories from carbs, proves yet again she is clueless when it comes to lowcarb.

So she couldn't cope with it felt tired and had constipation, any lowcarber could tell it takes longer than two weeks for the body to adapt to a change of diet, a real dietitian would have known this.