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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Choppers back to post deletion and editing big time !

First a special thanks to the forum of flog member who sent us this post which was deleted by Canute the font of all knowledge earlier today. The new member Canuck has got Kenny the font in such a state he does not know whether to have a shit, shower or a hair cut. As is usual with the chump, he results to ridicule, help from the vultures and miscreants, or deletion of members post.

Part of a deleted post.

“Interesting forum. So far I have learned that you can do low-carb/low-fat after weight loss has stopped, something I hitherto thought was impossible since it defied the laws of physical chemistry. Also, that it is possible to sustain a stable weight on fewer calories than has ever been reported in the scientific literature, something only yogis sitting in caves in the Himalayans have heretofore claimed. Another fascinating idea - that the guidelines can be flaunted when it comes to carbs but not for fat.”

Canuck has wiped the floor with the chump, but the imbecile never knows when he is beat. Thank you Canuck, your a low carb star ! 

Latest from the font !

"We await your credentials after your holiday and before you can post should think about the way you conduct yourself before you come back. We have better things to do than spend the holiday weekend bandying words with you, whilst there are other more deserving Member's who need assistance.

Thank you for wasting everybody's time."


Anonymous said...

Oh Ken what a polite person you are I DON'T THINK

Ally999 said...

“Arrogance diminishes wisdom” (Arabian proverb)

There's those that teach
and there's those that learn
But some that teach
have bridges to burn....