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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fat, Carbs and one hell of a lot of Bullshit !

As I have said recently I keep away from most diabetes forums these days. There is one I like to drop in on, if only for a larf ! When I see a thread re. fat or carbs, I will give anyone, good odds on a bet, who the posters will be. Almost without fail, the old vulture pack are giving someone a hard time. Very often, the posters who give me the most amusement, are the low carb-low fat brigade.

Some talk of a carb level of 30 carbs per day and very low fat. One person today, a low carber stated “I eat between 20 and 30 grams per day of fat“, i.e. 180 to 270 calories per day from fat. Let’s assume carbs at 50 grams per day, i.e. 200 calories per day, total so far, 470 calories. For a Woman that leaves a shortfall of 1530 calories per day and for a Man, a shortfall of 2030 calories per day. One high profile member, was stating not so long ago, he consumes 30 carbs per day, and again, consumed a very low fat content diet.

OK what have we got left to eat, protein, let’s have a look at protein, and the low fat, 30 carbs per day man. 30 grams of carb, 120 calories, 45 grams of fat (half the daily recommended) 405 calories, total calories 525, again a shortfall of close to 2000 calories. So back to protein.

Protein has 4 calories per gram, to get 2000 calories from protein we need to consume 500 grams from protein foods. If you are eating a low fat diet, double cream, cheese and eggs etc. are a no, no. So we are talking about meat and fish. So around 500 grams of meat and fish, is one hell of a lot of meat.
But it gets even more interesting. Why, because cooked beef and chicken contain over 50% water, and the last time I checked, water ain’t overly rich in calories. It seems to me to get 2000 calories net from meat etc. you would have one hell of a thick wallet, and the constitution of an ox. We are talking about a kilo of meat or fish per day for a net calorie count of 2000 calories.

Like I said, ya gotta larf.


“The amount of naturally occurring water, or moisture, present in meat and poultry may surprise consumers (see chart). An eye of round roast is 73% water before cooking. The same roast after roasting contains 65% water. A whole broiler-fryer contains 66% water before cooking and 60% afterwards.”


Anonymous said...

I reckon your talking about the two monitors on,they live in a fantasy world if the think a lowcarb/lowfat diet is sustainable.

You've got to give it to them though when it comes to bullshit they are the without doubt the experts in the field


Graham said...

Your right Geordie they are full of bullshit, and cugila is overflowing with it!



Anonymous said...

The new fella canuck has got the situation well sussed.

Anonymous said...

I agree Long Live Canuck some super posts