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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Byetta and Victoza on PCOs’ drugs blacklists !

GPs face bans on high-cost drugs.
“PCOs are redrawing formularies in changes they estimate will slice £250m from this year’s drug budget. Responses from 134 PCOs under the Freedom of Information Act show that more than half have blacklists of drugs – in some trusts of more than 100 – that GPs are banned from prescribing.
Some 73 PCOs said they had added drugs to blacklists or placed additional restrictions on prescribing in primary care in the past year, as they strive to make average estimated savings in 2011/12 of £1.9m each.”

“Other trusts are encouraging GPs to explore ways of avoiding prescriptions altogether, by recommending weight loss and nutrition advice or relying on non-medical prescribing.”

Looks like some common sense is on it’s way. With most type two diabetic drugs doing more for big pharma’s profits than for patients health, low carb will not only improve many diabetic outcomes, it will save the NHS a fortune.


Anonymous said...

Byetta and Victoza are over priced drugs for the can't give up the carbs etc. As you have said, low carb is the answer, drugs are not the way forward for control of type two diabetes.

Lowcarb team member said...

Comparing the very small decrease in average HbA1c and huge increase in cost for Byetta over that given by Metformin it seems, in this time of cuts to the NHS budgets, a prudent and overdue move.

It would be interesting to conduct similar cost-benefit analyses on the range of medications offered to diabetics. It would be interesting to compare the costing of an average one percentage drop in HbA1c for each alternative medication.

Of course, there is a course of treatment that would cost the NHS virtually nothing apart, perhaps, for an increase in spending on appropriate nutritional advice!


Anonymous said...

Drugs can assist us diabetics but education and awareness of diet should be looked at further. A low or lower carb diet not only helps diabetics in the management of keeping blood sugar levels lower it can also help with other conditions.