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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to run a Diabetes forum. Moderation Part 1

If you want to survive in the forum moderation business you have to be ruthless. The first rule is never ever admit you are wrong. You must keep up constant vigilance, ready to thread lock, delete or alter a post at a moments notice. The slightest sign of criticism or dissent, must be dealt with swiftly with an iron fist.

The wise moderator must surround himself with toadies, who will agree with anything he says, about six is an ideal number. They must be available to back his posts and decisions 24/7. If they are employed or have any interests outside of the forum, discard them, they will be useless. Grovelling toadies must be available at a moments notice, to intimidate, ridicule and threaten any poster that contradicts the moderators opinions, decisions or obvious lack of knowledge.

All high profile, and regular low carb, adequate fat posters, must be kept under special surveillance. They are the scum of the earth and should be banned at the earliest opportunity.

In my former life it was easy, I had the Gulags, but times have changed.

Joseph Stalin

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