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Thursday, 27 June 2013 outbreak of fours the floor virus suspected !

Members over at the flog have had a hard time recently, just as a dangerous outbreak of dietus ludicrous carbus appears to have been dealt with, a severe case of four’s the floor virus has broken out. Old hands may remember the Kensters obsession re. type two diabetics and hypos. He never accepted that non meds or lowcarbing type two diabetics rarely suffered from hypos. Indeed, most non meds type two diabetics have to work hard to keep BG down not up. Fours the floor was believed to have been eradicated, but returned today with a vengeance, when Kenster clone Gezzathorpe appeared to be going down fast. Looking pale and under great strain Gezza croaked “Many non-diabetics and diabetics get hypos and lower bG than that.” The BG number 3.1.

More fun and games expected, watch this space for up-dates.

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