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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gezzathorpe diabetic super star or full of it ?

As you can see there are some posts on this blog re. the forum member Gezzathorpe. This guy waded in big time when a GP joined the forum. Sid Bonkers accused the Doctor of being a troll and Gezza had his five bobs worth. Nothing new here, healthcare professionals are actively discouraged from joining and contributing on the forum of flog, just ask Dr. Jay Wortman. This thread really got cooking when Gezzathorpe told us about his wonder diet. To cut a long story short, Gezza is on 250 carbs a day, no meds and holds non diabetic BG numbers. I’m not known for beating around the bush so I will say it load and clear, Gezza’s story is the biggest load of bullshit I have heard in years.

Others have noticed this fantasy island job, but not the old clique of Cugila, the disgraced and fired forum mod. Bare in mind the clique would applaud anyone, whatever they stated, as long as they are not lowcarbing. If a person was not lowcarbing, and reported a diet of depleted uranium and anthrax the clique would be in raptures. Get your sick bag out, from Catherinecherub chief forum fantasist “Well done gezzathorpe, marvellous results” From Sid Bonkers “Great results Gezzathorpe You must be well pleased” from Noblehead the biggest slime ball and wimp in the forums history stated “no Dr is going to be taken seriously if they want to remain anonymous and do not want to publish their finding for all to see” and “Until then I'm afraid I'll sit on the fence with this one” I know what you are thinking, where is Phoenix in all this, what has happened to the slippery one? Well Gezza got a whipping today on the GP thread and started another thread.

Fear not, she turned up on Gezza’s latest thread called “Am I still a diabetic ?” Please bare in mind, once a diabetic, always a diabetic ! There is no cure, hence it is called a chronic disease, full stop. The mighty Gezza talks about doing a GT test and publishing the results, (so far he has edited his post 4 times) the Phoenix states “I shouldn't bother if I were you. If you 'pass 'it, will you consider yourself a non diabetic ?Your method works well for you, don't let others negate what you have done” What method would that be Phoenix ? The laboogie rule method, jeez give me a break.

Anyway, here’s the deal, get your butt over here Gezza and let’s debate the issues, you stated today at 11.50 at “Some recent comments from an external, undisclosed (my choice) source which should give you a good laugh .... sad, insecure, cowardly folk, especially 'Queen Eddie', with nothing better to do” I am waiting Gezza, go for it lad, if you want to try and claim any credibility.

Last word to Carbdodger at 11.58 to Gezza.

“So you run for the hills when challenged after leaving posts that will do the newly diagnosed no good at all. That is so unfair. But hey maybe best you are not here for the health of many.”



FredT said...

250 carbs , that a 1000 calories/day. To start, an obese person with DMT2, but producing some insulin, on 1000 C per day, even all carbohydrates, may be into a negative energy situation, but will be hungry as hell, and that is not sustainable below normal weight. Oh well, shit happens, but what do I know?

paul1976 said...

Gezza's gone quiet all of a sudden...C'mon Gezza! Let's see those results..come over here matey! Low carbers don't bite! :)


Anonymous said...

You could be banned from DCUK.
Stop being a coward and address Gezza on DCUK.

paul1976 said...

Anonymous said...
You could be banned from DCUK.
Stop being a coward and address Gezza on DCUK."

Hi anonymous!

Banned from DCUK? lol...for what? I can post where I want I've told Gezza I want to see his OGTT results out of interest but so far it's gone quiet on the subject...He has a lot to say so let's see some facts...Coward? lol..I post with my name..I have nothing to hide whereas you can't even post here with a pseudo forum name!!..You're the cowardly clique member.


Anon said...

"Stop being a coward"

Bravely spoken anon, what a wanker you are !