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Saturday, 15 June 2013

I love Saturday’s !

I don’t mind other days of the week either, each one brings different things, but after a busy week this Saturday  was so nice not to wake up with an alarm clock telling me I MUST GET UP.

So a leisurely light breakfast of mushroom and scrambled eggs , some light housework, well I flicked the duster around and then started to think about lunch …… but it was Trooping of the Colour today in the UK so had the BBC channel on casting a glance every now and again at the pomp and ceremony, which l think we Brits are so good at staging. The Royals were in their regalia, the soldiers very smart in their pristine pressed uniforms, polished boots etc. Eyes were definitely on Kate and she looked great in pink. At the end it was the fly over with various planes old and new. It also had a more personal feel as my brother-in-laws nephew was flying one of the planes, but as always special mention to the Red Arrows who were amazing.

Eddie was asking “What about lunch?” Well we had some cold chicken that I’d bought and cooked yesterday so I served it with a lovely mixed salad, adding some light dressing it all tasted very nice.

Would have gone for a nice walk but the heavens opened rain, hail, thunder and lightening and this is June? Just had to chill out with a good book … then on to dinner, which is now cooking. Some salmon fillets in a lemon and herb butter served with broccoli and some Mediterranean roasted vegetables. To follow fresh strawberries and double cream. Saturdays can be so tough !

Thanks for reading, hope you are all having a good weekend.

I wonder what the ‘Saturday Night is Music Night is going to be, I’m sure the boys will come up with some good music.

Over to them …….

All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

I saw the Red Arrows at an air show last summer, amazing


Anonymous said...

Sounds a good Saturday. Music choices got a thumbs up.