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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

In praise of Barry Groves.

We don’t often start a thread based on a comment received, but could not let this one pass just as a comment. We agree 100% with the comment and believe our ongoing good health and the dietary control of our diabetes follows the diet Barry promoted so well. Barry was a star in our eyes and we believe his books will be of immense value for people looking to control their weight and diabetes.


The comment.
"RIP Barry after a long, active and fruitful life. What a star!
I am sure he saved my life and I would certainly be happy with 77 years if I do make it!
Having seen numerous school friends and colleagues pass away before reaching 60, (many on meds) and one or two really young ones (in their 30s) despite adhering to modern health advice, Barry's way looks just fine. My condolences to Monica and the family."


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Yes. His book Trick and Treat is a masterpiece.