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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 say goodbye to another Healthcare Professional !

Over the years there have been some very knowledgeable people join, most have checked out long ago. Can you blame them ? The lunatics took over the asylum a long way back. Over sixty thousand members and less than one percent post on a regular basis. It's been awhile since the place had any knowledgeable mods and the likes of Bonkers run the place.

Although almost all the good news and success stories revolves around lowcarbing, someone, somewhere, does not want the forum becoming too lowcarb. Even when a man of calm and very polite starts a new thread i.e IanD it’s locked within hours. This thread only contained three non controversial posts, posting some positive information re. lowcarbing. It was Ian’s attempt to get the Southport Doctor back posting (recently described by Sid Bonkers as a troll) on another thread, that thread was locked and then unlocked, how long before it is locked again ? Sid as always slinked off into the shadows after lighting the blue touch paper. He has learned not to argue, he always loses, and makes a complete chump of himself. But the damage is done !

Clearly the management at appreciate Sid’s talent as a world class trouble maker. They know nothing brings in the punters more than a good bun fight. Sod the newbie’s and the confused, just keep building that mail shot list, even when you are banned, the marketing emails still come in ! could have been a shining light and a great beacon for diabetics all over the world, but at best it’s a mediocre resource and at worse a misinformation outfit in my opinion. How the likes of Ian keep trying over there is beyond me, but I applaud his fortitude and patience. No doubt Bonkers will slither back under the door when the heat cools down. Let’s face it, on 1200 calories a day he must be pretty thin, but make no mistake, he is doing many people in trouble no good at all, I hope he is proud of himself. I hope I am proved wrong and the Doctor returns, but my money is on the Bonkers ones have seen off another useful lowcarb member, and another Doctor, the madness continues !



Anonymous said...

I was going to post further on that thread, but I just can't be bothered. The forum seems to operate on weeding out people with knowledge and expertise on a low-carb approach and leaving the likes of Sid Bonkers.

I miss the likes of Borofergie who's views were incredibly helpful and illuminating. Obviously, that sort of behaviour can't be tolerated and he had to go.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Dillinger

It was ever thus. If you are building up an asset to be flogged off to big pharma or junk food outfits, lowcarb is not the way to go. As always, follow the money.


Lowcarb team member said...

Ian's thread was locked without any explanation by an anonymous mod, this is just the sort of behavior that kenny resorted to when he was the forum despot.


Anonymous said...

I am a qualified dietitian who left the NHS a number of years ago following my own diagnosis as a T2 diabetic and the subsequent decline in health I suffered from following the standard NHS dietary advice. Through my own experience, I came to the conclusion that low carb is the best way to effectively manage diabetes and is beneficial to non-diabetics too. I have worked for a number of years now as a private nutritionist and used to post on the diabetes uk forum for a while under the name of Mrs Pugwash.

During that time, I received a lot of abuse and slander from some of the anti-low carb members and was accused of everything from not being a qualified professional - even though I provided proof of my qualifications to the forum administrator - to not being a woman at all but a man (this came as a shock to my husband!) and apparently a sock puppet.

The whole experience completely put me off posting on forums and it is a shame that other HC professionals are still receiving the same shoddy treatment on diabetes uk and that newly diagnosed diabetics are still being directed away from an eating plan that could literally save their lives. Annie H

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Anne or should I say Mr's Pugwash it's good to hear from you, your a real blast from the past.

I went under the user name of graham64 and Eddie of course was fasteddie.

Most of the old LowCarb threads were deleted but a few still remain remember this in your signiature Not all dietitians are created equal

Keep in touch

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Annie

It is clear healthcare professionals are not wanted at It is also clear a small bunch of lowcarb anti morons still run the roost. I hope the Doctor will return, but I don’t think he will. HCP’s have got better things to do with their time than defend their position against closed minded idiots. Thanks for coming over here and reading our blog.

I hope you and yours are well, we remember your great posts, but fully appreciate why you walked away.

Kind regards Eddie