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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

GP-led diabetes prevention scheme will start saving NHS money 'after 14 years'

The Government’s flagship diabetes prevention programme will start saving the NHS money by around 2030, according to an impact assessment.

The programme, which launched earlier this year and is currently being rolled out across the country, should become cost-saving ‘by year 14’, public health experts reported.

It comes as Public Health England (PHE) has warned that the rising tide of type 2 diabetes – on course to affect five million by 2035 – could cripple the NHS financially in the future.

The National Diabetes Prevention Programme – set up by PHE in collaboration with NHS England and Diabetes UK, to try reverse the tide – has tasked GPs with finding and referring the estimated five million at risk of diabetes for group activities such as Zumba and cookery classes, to help get them to be more active and lose weight.

More on this story here. 

You could not make it up! Until these dolts change their dietary recommendations to diabetics, they will continue to throw money into a bottomless pit.



Lisa said...

I could manage diabetes better than those "experts" with my eyes closed!

Lowcarb team member said...

... and you do Lisa!

Now readers, if you have a type one child or perhaps know of someone who does, then I would politely suggest that you get them to watch this you tube video, it is 12 minutes well spent

If you are diabetic have you seen this post - you may find it helpful!

All the best Jan