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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wildlife is wonderful : So is ...Beef Bourguignon

There's no doubt about it - from the countryside, to the sea - from the sky to something a little more urban, wildlife is wonderful.

Don't you just love those 'Kung Fu' Puffins and what about the starling on the supermarket trolley ... but that cygnet with swan is just beautiful.

Much more to see and read, plus other brilliant photographs here

... and if you should think, funny Jan usually posts a recipe idea
how about this one Beef Bourguignon ... it's so low carb!

you'll find the recipe here

Enjoy your day
All the best Jan


eileeninmd said...

Hello, yes wildlife is wonderful. I love the swan and cygnet and the puffins are awesome. The beef bourguigon looks delicious. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

The wildlife pictures are very good. Your Bourguignon recipe is a great favourite with us.

Jenny S

Jo said...

I love beef bourguignon, it's a favourite here. I followed the link, such fabulous photography. I think the photo of the rabbit is my favourite.

Debbie said...

nature is so beautiful, it's gifts of enjoyment, plentiful!! i have made beef bourguignon but it was a bit of work. that is one beautiful, photo worthy dish!!!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

So happy we found each other Jan, your low carb recipes are a life saver. Aimee was mega excited about the cauliflower 'toast' you showed a few posts back.. So many fab recipes!
Love the kung fu puffins 😊😊

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

The world is a beautiful place! And this is a great recipe.

Happyone said...

Ah yes, we certainly have a beautiful world with beautiful creatures in it. : )
Love the swan.

Denise inVA said...

Great birdlife pics Jan, and your recipe is also a keeper. Thank you always :)

Summer said...

I love wildlife too! Nature is medicine for me ♥

Tom said...

White and fluffy.

Katarzyna S said...

Nice picures and yummy recipe.

Thank's for visit on my blog;)

Stephanie said...

Oh, how I enjoyed the photos of the animals - too sweet! And your dish has my mouth watering! It looks very tasty, my friend.

Wishing you a beautiful week. Hugs!

Gail said...

That's looks so delicious! At first I feared it may be swan!!! Love that baby picture.

Thanks for your kind comments. I do love to play with paint. The elephant had not been painted for ten years and it was beginning to wear from the weather.

I cheated on the spider photo and was able to get very close. He was in the elephant's trunk watching me paint. I finally had to move him. It was a very tiny spider. I also got to see a lizard eat a cricket, first time ever! I enjoy when I am shown the beauty in all of nature.

Our garden is still bearing. Figs are almost finished but the Paw Paws are beginning to get ripe. I am grateful we have such natural food around us.

Have a blessed week.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Such lovely photos of God's creatures, Jan. And that recipe looks great! I must go and print the recipe. Have a lovely day. ♥

Carla from The River said...

Hee Hee ~ we have birds in a few of our larger stores. I always wonder who gets them out. And how did they get in. Ha!
You always make me hungry. :-) Carla

Adam said...

I love puffins

Red Rose Alley said...

Wildlife is wonderful, indeed, Jan. I have a blog friend who spends so much time at the lake in her town taking pictures of swans, geese, and ducklings. She's a fantastic photographer, and I thought of her right away when I saw this first picture. :)


Lisa said...

The natural world is truly amazing, full of such everyday beauty.
I bet that beef dish warms the cockles on a cold day.
Lisa x