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Saturday 25 February 2017

Chicken Nuggets : Made The LCHF Way

Now, there are many who enjoy chicken nuggets. They can taste great and are just made for dipping in a sugar free tomato sauce, or perhaps a garlic mayonnaise - or great served with salsa!

This recipe suggestion, by Libby, uses almond flour/meal OR coconut flour, s
o it can cater for many allergies or intolerances. In fact she writes "my 9 year old’s primary school has a nut free policy, so he is delighted to be allowed to take these to school when I make them with coconut flour."

Here are the ingredients you will need to serve six:

First bowl
1 egg
4 tbsp oil of choice

Second bowl
850g / 1.9lb chicken breast
1 cup almond meal / flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion flakes

To see how to make them, please see Libby's Ditch The Carbs site here
She will also tell you how to make sugar free tomato sauce and garlic mayonnaise, which are perfect when dipping these nuggets!

If you should need help with measurement conversion see here

The grandchildren will love these ...

All the best Jan


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jan, What a sweet picture of the grands! Thank you for the great sounding recipe. Have a joyful weekend.

    PerthDailyPhoto said...

    Will have to test these on my great-niece and nephew Jan.. my grandchildren are sadly too far away in Sydney, maybe when they come home for Christmas ☺ how lucky you are to have your gorgeous grandchildren so close.

    only slightly confused said...

    That's a happy looking crew.

    Adam said...

    My wife loves chicken nuggets

    Tom said...


    JFM said...

    Oh yes! This is a definite "must try"...looks yummy!!!

    Big Hugs

    happyone said...

    Those nuggets sure look good. I will be making some sweet and sour chicken for supper tonight.
    Cute picture of the grands.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jan, I have lost your email address so I am commenting here. Thanks for dropping by Lorraine's food blog today. I know she will appreciate your kindness and she will enjoy your blog also.
    Do you ever see any literature about a possible link to sugar and restless leg syndrome or periodic limb movement disorder?

    Christine said...

    Cute grandkids, they will love those yummy nuggets!

    Sue (this n that) said...

    Hi Jan, what a couple of sweeties your grandchildren are... that's a gorgeous photo.
    Thanks for the nuggets recipe. I've had a packet of Almond Meal sitting in my pantry so long I forgot what I bought it for! We eat a lot of chicken so it looks like a nice easy snack type.
    Cheerio and I always appreciate your visits :D)

    Lowcarb team member said...

    Hello Mildred
    Many thanks for your comment and question.
    An email is winging it's way to you ... I hope it may help

    All the best Jan

    Conniecrafter said...

    good for the kids but I think this kid at heart would enjoy them too :)
    Hope you are enjoying a terrific weekend!

    Magic Love Crow said...

    Wow Jan thank you! And, thank you for the dipping sauces too! Love the picture! Big Hugs!

    Lisa said...

    What a couple of happy little faces!
    I bet they'd love some of these nuggets, I'd have the garlic mayo to dip in I think.
    Lisa x

    Martha said...

    Your grandkids are adorable! And this recipe is great.