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Friday, 1 May 2015

Steve Cooksey aka diabetes warrior says SHOW ME THE MONEY !

Anyone reading the post below this post, re. Dr.Jason Fung and Steve Cooksey could see I was completely mystified why a staunch low carb advocate such as Steve, would launch such a blistering attack on Jason Fung. Jason is a million miles away from the type of Doctor that promotes a high carb diet, with the usually accompanying bag full of big pharma meds. I have never seen Jason promoting junk food to diabetics. No, Jason believes type two diabetes can be reversed with a low carb diet. Intermittent fasting also figures heavily in Jason's advice. And Jason's great information is free, via his excellent videos and blog.

What of Steve Cooksey? Well Steve can also help you reduce your blood glucose numbers, for money, as can be seen here and here. Now, Steve's book may be worth it's weight in gold, but I reckon you can learn all you need to know for free, if you search around, as always the choice is yours. But I can't help wondering, is this rant against Jason, down to raising some controversy and the flogging of a book? How many times have we seen that stroke used over the years.

If you are a newly diagnosed type two diabetic, or a long term out of control type two, I recommend Jason Fung's videos highly, you could do worse than checking out the low carb diabetic website here.



Anonymous said...

Guess we all have to make money but bringing Dr Fung into it was not right.

Lowcarb team member said...

True on both points. But some are selling information that is available for free all over the internet.

As I often say follow the money, and Steve has much to sell. I'm not buying it. From a medical professional yes, from a bloke with a blog, rehashing decades old info, and ripping into a good man to drum up some extra punters. no way.


Gingi Freeman said...

Great post as always, my friend!! <3 -

Anonymous said...

From an anonymous but concerned LC follower. I think this is a delicate line to follow on either side. I do not see either Mr Cooksey or Dr Fung going 'head to head' and I very much doubt Mr Cooksey will enter into debate on your blog.