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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dr.Jay Wortman on reversing type two diabetes, a must watch !


Anonymous said...

Nice find Eddie!

A very interesting interview and quite revealing. I see a very nice, stable sort of man who knows what he's talking about - he walks the walk!

Such a self-effacing, polite gentleman. A complete contrast to the grandstanding minnows who seek every opportunity to have a swipe at him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that like Ray says he knows what he's talking about and he comes across as a very amiable and sincere man.


Lowcarb team member said...

Dr.Jay Wortman is clearly a great Guy. He is obviously a very busy man with his work and family, but always returns my emails quickly. I don’t suppose he agrees with everything on the blog, but he knows our hearts are in the right place, otherwise he would have nothing to do with us.


Anonymous said...

What a great video Dr Jay is the perfect advert for a lowcarb diabetic, he looks very well after over eight years of LC. No signs of the dire consequences forecast by another HCP? then again I've not come across any true lowcarbers that have succumbed to them.


Anonymous said...

Man what a Great watch this is.

Great guy, Great video, Great stuff.

Just GREAT what more do you say?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview, nothing more to say, except lets continue to ger the message out there, even if we might sound boring and like cracked records (anyone remember records?)

Eddie - I think if Dr J Wortman were to see some of the rubbish in regards to diabetes that is being posted 'elsewhere' he would understand the anger and frustration that we all experience from time to time. Its not easy having to standby watching someone head straight towards a life of complications and early death.

May I add a link to this interview by Dr Cole.

Please people, if you havent already done so, then do remove those blinkers and look the truth into the eye.
Happy low carbing, be healthy.
Karen chocfish

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely worth watching. A must see everyone, please take time to view it. Dr seems a very nice sincere person, his family sound delightful too. We know low carbing works keep spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting interview.
Thanks for finding it and bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

Just watched this. A great video and what a good man. We've all got to keep spreading the news about low carbing and all its health benefits.

Anonymous said...

What a nice polite man. Very interesting to both watch and listen to.

Glad he's on our side. Wish a few more Doctors were. Shame this video cannot be shown to some of our GPs and nurses, they would learn so much.