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Friday, 9 December 2016

'How to become an Orange Dot' - 'Low Carb for Type 1 Diabetes' - Justin Hansen and Julie Reid

One of our blogging friends, Lisa Scherger, runs a blog called The Diabetic Alien, it's in our sidebar. She has a type one diabetic son. He is one of the rare type one diabetics who runs non diabetic blood glucose numbers, as can be seen in this twelve minute video here 

In the UK the Government published, audited National Health Service statistics, tell us year after year, around 93% of type one diabetics fail to get to HbA1c of 6.5. Unfortunately, 6.5 is not a particularly good number. It is around 50% higher than a healthy non diabetic. 6.5 is not an HbA1c number that Eddie would be happy with, and he is in his 60's.

It seems logical to me, and the low carb team, the longer a diabetic runs elevated BG numbers, the greater the chance of diabetic complications. Thus by extension, the younger a person is at diagnosis, the greater the effort must be made, to keep BG numbers in the non diabetic normal range, and the greater the odds for living a long, active and complication free life...

I recently came across Justin Hansen and Julie Reid, they are the parents of three young children, including Patrick who was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes two years ago.

After struggling to normalise Patrick's blood glucose levels by following the recommended Australian diet for diabetes management, Justin and Julie discovered Low Carb via Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's 'Diabetes Solution' and the Facebook group TYPEONEGRIT.

By adopting a Low Carb lifestyle and incorporating the latest Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology, Patrick now has a HBA1c of a non-diabetic and many symptoms of his food allergies have disappeared.

No matter what country you live in, so many diabetics both Type 1 and Type 2 have discovered the benefits of a Low Carb High (Healthy) Fat lifestyle.

Please take approx twenty minutes of your time to watch this video, and if you should know of any parents with a Type One child ... it may well be worth letting them know about this video.

My thanks to Franziska Spritzler RD CE where I first saw this video, her site, 'The Low Carb Dietitian' can be found here 

All the best Jan


only slightly confused said...

Wow...they had quite the challenge.

Jan/JFM said...

Counting carbs is very important. My hubby has a certain number of carbs that he never goes over. When we saw a dietician, after we found out that he was diabetic, she helped us to see the importance that his carbs be on the low side.
I cannot state this often husband went from 5 shots a day to 1 pill a day!!!
Count those carbs...please~

Anonymous said...

Wish there were more orange dots.
It could be achieved.
A very interesting and thought provoking video.
Well done to this family.

sandy said...

definitely a video I want to see - will save for later, thanks Jan.

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, thank you so much! Great video!!