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Thursday, 29 December 2016

IEA Director Christopher Snowdon aka the Caped Crusader.

Following on from my post Christopher Snowdon a total numbskull? (the over the hill BDA RD's poster boy) outlining his pathetic ramblings on Channel 4 News, regarding the current epidemic of obesity. Snowdon reckons it's all down to lack of exercise. Nothing to do with consuming high sugar high carb junk food. BTW this is an old Navajo Indian trick (no disrespect to native Americans) Blame the victims not the crooks.

I had a google around for more intel on Snowdon, good grief, check out what I discovered. I find myself asking, how long before Snowdon is extolling the health benefits of crack cocaine? One thing cannot be denied, Snowdon doesn't pull his punches. Here is how he described experts who warn us on the health dangers of smoking.

Simon Chapman a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney. 

"a scrotum-faced head-banger” and "He also has an unfortunate habit of listening to the voices in his head and then repeating their words out loud (or on Twitter)”

Professor Linda Bauld is a Professor of Socio-Management at the University of Stirling. 

“One of the bits of voodoo science upon which the anti-smoking extremists are pinning their hopes vis a vis plain packaging"

Professor Stan Glantz has been a leading anti-smoking academic since the late seventies and is currently a Professor at the Department of Medicine; and the Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California. 

“I have always feared for Stanton Glantz's mental health, but it's only since he started blogging that I've realised that the guy is genuinely certifiable. He also labels Glantz a “Gobshite” who is “deranged” and a “clueless clown”

Snowdon has clearly attempted to undermine the credibility of leading tobacco control scientists. As I have said countless times, always follow the money. When you follow Snowdon and the IEA back to the money, the money is coming from tobacco companies. 

"In 2012, Snowdon joined the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) as a Research Fellow. The IEA accepts funding from tobacco companies"

You may be wondering, why I am giving the reptilious Snowdon, the time of day over here. It is my opinion he is a dangerous health hazard. Cavorting around in the Caped Crusaders cloak, saving the good people of Gotham City, from the nanny state, may be fooling the on the way out MSM outfits he writes for, not to mention BDA RD's, but he fools no one who reads this blog. Clearly he has fought hard against tobacco regulation, while receiving funding from tobacco companies, it appears to me, he sees much mileage for defending junk food.

The material quoted is reproduced from Copyright University of Bath and used under permission of the University of Bath.

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