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Monday 15 May 2017

Aubergine / Eggplant and Tomato Thai Curry

Thai curry refers to dishes in Thai cuisine that are made with various types of curry paste; the term can also refer to the pastes themselves. A Thai curry dish is made from curry paste, coconut milk or water, meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit, and herbs. Curries in Thailand mainly differ from the curries in Indian cuisine in their use of fresh ingredients such as herbs and aromatic leaves over a mix of spices.

We do enjoy aubergines/eggplants quite regularly in our house and they are often in the menu plans. Not only are they an excellent source of dietary fibre, they are also a good source of Vitamins B1 and B6 and potassium. In addition it is high in the minerals copper, magnesium and manganese. A 100g serving of raw aubergine provides: 25kcal 1g protein 0.2g fat 6g carbohydrate 3.4g fibre.

This recipe suggestion can make a great week-day dish, it also makes a nice change eating just vegetables! If you'd like to give it a try here is what you'll need ...

Serves Four
2 aubergines
2tbsp olive oil
1 onion, sliced into wedges
1tbsp Thai red curry paste
100g *coconut cream, chopped into pieces
300ml hot water
200g cherry tomatoes

Cut the aubergines/eggplants lengthways into 6 wedges, then cut the wedges into 2 pieces.

Heat a griddle/grill pan until hot, brush the aubergines with 1tbsp olive oil and grill in batches, for about 2 minutes on each side, until there are char lines and the aubergines are softened a little. Remove from the pan and set aside.

In a wok heat 1tbsp olive oil and cook the onion over a high heat for a few minutes, stirring all the time. When the onion is starting to caramelise add the red curry paste and cook for 30 seconds.

Stir the *coconut cream into the pan, allow to melt a little, then stir in 300ml hot water. Mix well, bring to the boil and bubble for 2 minutes to thicken the sauce slightly.

Lower the heat and stir in the aubergine pieces and the cherry tomatoes, simmer for 5 minutes, season with salt and black pepper and serve.

Eat on its own, or cauliflower rice or green beans could go well with this dish!

*if you find coconut cream is too 'floury' a texture for you substitute it with coconut milk and add less water slowly, stirring well

Using original recipe each serving:
Carbohydrate 6.7g Protein 2.5g Fibre 4.5g Fat 11.6
See original Tesco Real Food idea here

All the best Jan


DeniseinVA said...

We love Thai food but only started cooking the dishes in the last year. I have never cooked with aubergines, or eggplants as they are known here. Thanks Jan, I will have to give this recipe a try. It certainly looks delicious :)

Sami said...

I love eggplant, so this is something to try.

JFM said...

Never cooked or ate eggplant...but you are tempting me Jan :)

Happy Monday!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Sounds great, wouldn't mind a portion right now! Hugs, Valerie

eileeninmd said...

Hello, this looks delicious! I love eggplant. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

The Happy Whisk said...

Yum on the eggplants. They are killer good.

Jo said...

This is definitely one for me, Mick won't eat a curry in any shape or form but I love them.

Linda said...

The presentation is lovely, Jan!

Christine said...

sounds healthy and looks delicious!

sage said...

I have some eggplants that have been blooming... Looks good.

Mary Kirkland said...

I've now had 3 curry dishes and I just don't like curry at all. I've made other eggplant dishes and like them but I don't do curry.

R's Rue said...


Tom said...

...I too like egg plant.

DMS said...

This sounds tasty. I have a lot of eggplant in my kitchen at the end of the summer when my garden is coming to an end. I am always looking for new ways to prepare it and this is definitely new to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

Martha said...

I love eggplant, so this is very appealing!

handmade by amalia said...

This is perfect, Jan. I have an aubergine sitting on the counter-top and I've been wondering what to do with it.

Sandra Cox said...

This sounds soooo good.

Lady Fi said...

This sounds delicious.

Lisabella Russo said...

Oh that looks delicious! I would definitely like to try it, thank you!

Bob Bushell said...

The dish that makes an appetizers, I love Thai foods.

Magic Love Crow said...

Curry doesn't agree with me, so I would take that out and I think the dish would be perfect! Sounds so good!