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Friday, 5 May 2017

Dr Carrie Ruxton RD is no mug.

Say what you like about Carrie Ruxton PhD, she is certainly no mug. Don’t get me wrong, I have never equated formal qualifications with intelligence. As Mandy Rice Davies once said “he would say that wouldn’t he” in the infamous Profumo trial. My education could be described as rudimentary at best, having left school at fifteen. My point is this, why is Carrie so afraid to debate the issues I raise on this blog, and more intriguing, why did she unblock me on twitter, why did she reply with “Nice to hear from you Eddie” Even my lured imagination, will not stretch to she was looking for some geriatric rough. Was she trying to engage me in conversation, was she politely saying, FU. Who knows, the Lard works in mysterious ways. Repentance? I’ll move on.

The fact is, just about every dietitian I have approached with comments or questions regarding diet, has run for the hills as fast as their legs will carry them. Banning and blocking from social media is the norm. One dietitian, very well known on social media, even reported this blog to the Police. It came to nothing, an anonymous comment came in describing the RD as a “Welsh bint” it slipped through our vetting, we removed the comment, end of. A dietitian friend of mine, yes, they do exist, made my day around a year ago. She phoned me one evening, struggling to contain her laughter. She had been at a meeting that day with a group of fellow dietitians, my name came up in conversation. The general consensus of opinion ranged from “ignore him and he'll go away” to “the man's deranged and a menace to society” My friend said, one of the hardest things she has ever done, was keeping a straight face at the meeting.

My post Dr Carrie Ruxton RD in the news did get a response from Carrie, when I tweeted her a link on twitter “Some fair comments there, although I don't promote junk food. And I do sometimes eat sweets and have a glass of wine so I'm not perfect!” That’s the sort of remark that warrants what was common on my School reports “must try harder” Come on Carrie, you can do better than that.

I once climbed to the top of a very greasy pole, and was employed as a Sales and Marketing Director of a PLC company. But for what it’s worth, getting a paid gig to market a diet of fresh vegetables, adequate protein and healthy natural fats, has proved to be impossible. I should have known all the money, is in the promotion of junk food. Which begs the question what is junk food?

Clearly to a dietitian, highly processed factory made carbohydrate products, ultra high sugar cereal bars etc is not junk food, and thereby lies the problem. I find myself asking, do highly educated dietitians really believe, the products I call junk foods, are beneficial to health, do they realise the role these foods have played, in the epidemics of obesity and type two diabetes. If they don’t, they are not fit for purpose. If they do realise, then they are no more than paid for shills. Whatever way you look at it, they can’t have it both ways.

Next week I will mainly be talking about the very murky world of dietetic associations. BTW, for the avoidance of doubt, the foods below are not what I consider to be junk foods. Have a great weekend.


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DMS said...

I am surprised someone would call the police on a blog about health! I guess if you are getting people to have such big reactions then you must be doing something right. :)