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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Pumpkin, Kale and Goats' Cheese Frittata : Low Carb & Gluten Free

Yes, it's pumpkin season ... and this delicious gluten-free frittata is ideal for a light lunch or supper, goes well served with a green salad. 

Serves Four
600 g pumpkin or squash (approx. 500g) cut into 1.5cm pieces
3 tbsp. olive oil
100 g curly leaf kale
6 large eggs
200 ml double (heavy) cream
25 g grated parmesan (or a vegetarian hard cheese alternative)
0.25 tsp dried chilli flakes
1 garlic clove, crushed
150 g tub soft French goats' cheese (or vegetarian alternative)

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C, fan 200°C, gas mark 7. Put the pumpkin in a shallow roasting tin, toss with two tablespoons of olive oil, season well, and roast for 20-25 minutes or until just tender.
2. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil, blanch the kale for 3 minutes, then drain and pat dry with kitchen paper.
3. When the pumpkin is ready, remove from the oven and set aside; reduce the oven temperature to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas mark 6. Put the eggs, cream, parmesan and chilli flakes in a bowl, season, and whisk to combine.
4. Heat the remaining one tablespoon of olive oil in a 22-24cm non-stick ovenproof frying pan. Add the crushed garlic, stir over the heat for 30 seconds, then add the kale and cook, stirring occasionally for 3-4 minutes. Tip into the bowl with the egg mixture and stir in the pumpkin. 
5. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and dot over the goats’ cheese. Add a little more pepper and cook over a medium heat for 2 minutes, then transfer to the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes until puffed and golden – cover with foil if the top is over-browning. Slice into wedges to serve. This lovely meal is ready in 1 hour 15 minutes. The cooking time is 25 minutes but preparation time is about 50 minutes so why not get ahead and roast the squash and blanch the kale a couple of hours ahead...

Each serving provides:
1.9g carbohydrate 0.4g fibre 7.8g protein 45.7g Fat
From an original recipe idea seen here

All our five grand-children love pumpkin season, but especially these two, picture from 2016
2017 Halloween and Pumpkin fun will soon be enjoyed

All the best Jan


Jo said...

I love pumpkin and squash season. That's a lovely photo of your grandchildren.

Catarina said...

It sounds and looks very good!
I love frittatas.
Be well
: )

Martha said...

What a lovely photo of your grandkids!
And thank you for another great recipe. Frittatas are so tasty.

Valerie-Jael said...

Pumpkins are delicious and this dish sounds great. Hugs, Valerie

Snowbird said...

What a fabulous piccie of your adorable grandkids. Pumpkins always make a dish look enticing. xxx

eileeninmd said...

Hello, this looks delicious. Cute photo of your grandchildren!

Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Tom said...

...look at those cuties!

Debbie said...

oh those children, too cute for words - love the smiles!!!

i don't really like kale - i usually substitute spinach!!!

William Kendall said...

Sounds good!

Christine said...

This looks good! Lovely photo of the grandkids!

R's Rue said...


Elephant's Child said...

Yum, yum, yum.
I never met a pumpkin I didn't like and frittata is one of my go-to recipes.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

That sounds good. I'm one of those weirdos who ate lots of kale when I was growing up, and I still love it. However, the only way I've ever eaten pumpkin is in a pie or souffle. I LIKE the idea of using it as a... vegetable. (What a concept! HA)

Mary Kirkland said...

I love fritattas.

Lois said...

My grandkids love pumpkin season too!

happyone said...

Wonderful shot of the grandkids with the pumpkins.

Lisabella Russo said...

Oh that looks very yummy, thank you! Cute grandkids as well.

Miss Val's Creations said...

This sounds like something my husband I would both love. I am printing up this recipe! Squashes are a favorite part of fall for me. Yummy!

Magic Love Crow said...

My mouth is watering! Thank you!
Love the picture!! Big Hugs!

Lisa said...

I wonder what those little munchkins will be up to this Halloween!
Never cooked with pumpkin before, I have cheated and bought a couple of tins of puree this weekend though as I have sweet recipes I want to try.
Lisa x