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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Gary Taubes: the man who hated carbs before it was cool

How come we started to believe that fat was the enemy – and ended up consuming a ridiculous amount of sugar instead? And why did calories get the blame?

There’s probably nobody who can answer these questions better than Gary Taubes, who has dug deep into the topic. 

"Science writer Gary Taubes has a knack for subverting conventional wisdom. Sixteen years ago, he published a ground-breaking feature article in The New York Times Magazine arguing that decades' worth of government-approved nutritional advice was flat-out wrong, ideologically motivated, and contributing to rising rates of obesity and diabetes. Traditional dieting guidance attacking fatty foods and praising carbohydrates, he wrote, was based on "a big fat lie."

Read the article for the full story - just click on the green words for the link
Reason: Meet the man who hated carbs before it was cool

This story also on Diet Doctor site

Readers may also be interested in this post  ‘The Diet Delusion’ by Gary Taubes a must read for anyone with an interest in weight loss and controlling diabetes, use this link here

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