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Thursday 12 January 2023

'GP apprenticeships will start in September 2023'

Sharing an article from Diabetes Diet Blog

"Adapted from BMJ 30 July 2022

The idea of GP apprentices (in the UK) has been discussed for a few years now, but at last the scheme is starting up in September 2023.

The new scheme hopes to solve a lot of problems with one fell swoop.

There is a great shortage of doctors in the UK and particularly in General Practice, the foundation of the NHS system. At the same time, the expense of becoming a doctor, with student debt on qualification reaching £100,000, is making it a difficult choice for students who don’t have wealthy parents.

Universities have limited places for medical students. Although a few new medical schools have opened their doors such as Buckingham University, which is entirely privately funded, this has been insufficient to maintain GP numbers which continue to fall.

For several years conversion courses for graduates from other disciplines have been running at for instance Dundee University. This results in qualified doctors after a four- year course.

Courses for physician assistants have also been taking in graduates from careers allied to medicine in for instance Aberdeen University. Yet, there are simply not enough physicians and physician assistants to fill gaps in provision, as many of our UK readers will have noticed, whether they are seeking a GP or a hospital appointment.

What is different about GP apprenticeships is that the student will earn a wage from their very first day. I don’t know what that wage will be yet. Hopefully enough to make the experience worthwhile and at least prevent them ending up in debt.

The aim is to make medicine more accessible to students from state schools and poorer backgrounds. They want to see students from diverse backgrounds rather than just the white upper middle- class students from private schools who currently predominate.

Apprentices will complete both academic and practical education and come out with a medical degree and licence to practice from the General Medical Council."
Above words from article here

See more about a Medical Doctor Degree Apprenticeship here

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Do you have a shortage of Doctors in your country?
Does your country offer GP/Dr. Apprenticeships?
I wonder if apprenticeships or similar could be offered to train nurses ...?

Do please share your thoughts in the comments section.

All the best Jan


Elephant's Child said...

I hope it works. We have a serious lack of GPs here. And need them. Badly.

Christine said...


Tom said... the medical system is understaffed. Our grandson is an Army medic, he should have a wonderful future in medicine.

Anonymous said...

I do hope this works out.
Fees and costs to go to University are so high and I think medical degree courses take five years.
The other thing we need is more NHS dentists, my daughter hasn't been able to find one and going private for her is out of the question.

Pam S

Susan Kane said...

That's a serious problem in the NHS system. Wow, seriously. US may have a wider range of students in the country. But the excessive cost? Horrible. My son got loans during graduate studies. Before he realized it, he was in for $50,000.

J.P. Alexander said...

Es un problema en mi país los buenos médicos son caros. Te mando un beso.

peppylady (Dora) said...

We have a shortage of Doctors here.
Coffee is on and stay safe

William Kendall said...

Hopefully that gets sorted.

Lorrie said...

GPs are in short supply here in Canada, too.

Linda said...

Yes, we have a shortage of doctors and nurses. It would be even worse if we did not hire so many from India and Asia.

Valerie-Jael said...

Very good idea! Valerie

Jo said...

It was a hard fight to get a place on a medicine course when my two were starting university, and with the shortage in doctors, you'd think they'd open more places up. Perhaps GP apprenticeships is the answer, time will tell.

George Pereira said...

We have a shortage of doctors in India. Many of our doctors leave to settle in the West. Some go to work in the Middle East and other places. It's the higher income there that attracts them. It seems their top priority is making money

eileeninmd said...

I think it is a good idea, the doctors here are overworked.
More help is needed. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

CJ Kennedy said...

that sounds like a really good idea

Jenn Jilks said...

We are short staffed all across healthcare from PSWs, nurses, physicians.
It began, not during COVID, but from when we had a glut of staff, and they cut back on physician spots in med school. Then our premier froze wages for low paid staff. It is a mess.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Good news an effort is being made to decrease shortages.
Here in America there's also a shortage. The University of Vermont has a good medical school.

Sondra said...

great idea

Teresa said...

Creo que faltan médicos en todas partes, también por aquí. Besos.

baili said...

It is great that UK is offering apprenticeship to medical students dear Jan.
Every country is rich with genius and hard working youth no doubt but rare are the countries who offer s help to needy and deserving students.

I don't think mine is exception though "house job" is offered to medical students in their last academic year

Sami said...

In Australia we also have a huge shortage of Doctors and nurses. Hope that solution helps to increase the number of GP's.

Bill said...

You can always use more GPs.

Conniecrafter said...

I don't know what our country offers but I do know that wait times to be seen sometimes can be a little waiting period, longer than before the pandemic, I think a few doctors retired.

carol l mckenna said...

Another cycle begins ~ before it was specialists ~ now it is GP ~ change the constant of the world ~ sigh ~ Xo

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